Injection Lipolysis

“Injection Lipolysis is a non-invasive procedure that chemically reduces the number of fat cells by fat cell disruption and death.”

The non-surgical treatment is most popular to reduce the fat underneath the chin area. The treatment is FDA approved and an effective way to eliminate “double chin.” The medicines target fat cells to liquefy, dissolve and ultimately eliminate from the body. Though liposuction is the most popular way to eliminate unwanted fat deposits in the body, lipolysis is a safer option for people who want a non-surgical solution.

Both scientific trials and clinical experiences indicate that injection lipolysis provides a safe and effective way to remove localized fat deposits. Injection lipolysis is the safer solution when you are aiming for smaller areas like fat, neck, and chin. Unlike liposuction, injection-based lipolysis is relatively simple and has less to no downtime.

How does it work?

The lipolysis injections contain a mixture of vitamins and certain medicines. The fat is stored in specialized cells called adipocytes. The injection administered causes acute vacuolization of adipocytes. It kills the cell membrane of adipocytes, causing fat necrosis gradually. The destroyed fat cells never grow back. The treated area then has less capacity for fat storage and remains effective for the long term.

Patient selection

Lipolysis is not the solution for weight loss. The cosmetic application of injection lipolysis is restricted to the removal of stubborn fat pockets that become resistant to exercise and diets. Apart from this, there are some medical reasons our dermatologists would advise you to opt for injection lipolysis. In your first appointment at our aesthetic clinic in Dubai, the cosmetologists check if you are the right candidate for lipolysis.

The doctors need to rule out the medical causes and check the factors that may be the outcome of the procedure:

1.  Consistency of fat: Soft fat dissolves much faster and may require a lesser amount of medicine. Thus the consistency of the fat tissue to be treated becomes an essential factor. The doctors check for soft fats or a high proportion of connective tissues.

2. Size of the area: Lipolysis is administered on smaller regions. For large areas and larger fat deposits, doctors recommend liposuction. The treatment is more effective and requires only a few sittings. If the patient is completely against the surgical intervention, the doctor may opt for lipolysis. However, the doctor informs the patient that they may require 5-7 sessions.

3. Medical conditions: People suffering from certain medical conditions are not the right candidate for lipolysis, such as pregnant or lactating mothers, people suffering from diabetes, heart problems, lipodystrophy, CKD, severe liver conditions, active infections, and blood clotting problems, etc.

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