Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is among the many persistent problems that make people extremely conscious of their bodies, especially women. Although in the past couple of years, the stigma against cellulite has significantly reduced, thanks to the continuous spread of awareness regarding body positivity, people still seek treatment to get rid of them for gaining confidence in their bodies.

Women are comparatively more likely to have cellulite than men owing to the different distribution of fat, connective tissues, and muscles between men and women. The most common areas where cellulite is visibly seen are your thighs, abdomen, hips, buttocks, and breasts. Research shows that around 80-90% of women have cellulite to varying degrees.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is nothing but subcutaneous fat. They become visible when the skin that overlays certain areas of fat gets pulled downwards to the deeper tissues through various connective tissue bands. As such, you are left with an uneven surface on your skin, making it look like a skin dimpling.

In other words, they are caused by the build-up of fat under your skin. The thickness of one’s skin plays a major part in how soon and how prominent the cellulite becomes. As one age, the skin gets thinner losing elasticity, making cellulite more visible.

What Causes Cellulite?

Your age, body fat percentage, and genes can dictate how much cellulite you have and how noticeable they become. Generally, the main causes of cellulite are as follows:

  • Poor diet
  • Weight gain
  • Accumulated toxins
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Inactivity
  • Pregnancy
  • Hormones
  • Genetics

Different Medical Procedures for Cellulite Treatment

Topical treatments such as ointment and cream can make your skin firmer, tighter, and smoother while also moisturizing it. However, they won’t remove cellulite. They would just temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite.

This is why resorting to medical treatments is recommended. First and foremost, you need to speak to a certified dermatologist to examine the condition and severity of your cellulite. Be transparent regarding your diet, lifestyle, and skin allergies, and other medical histories with your doctor.

Based on the diagnosis, follow through with the advice of your doctor. Depending upon your situation, you would be prescribed one of the following medical cellulite treatments:


It is a non-invasive method that helps in eliminating fat using sound waves. It is recommended that ultrasounds should be paired up with another cellulite treatment. The results can be seen in 2-3 months.


This method eliminates cellulite by freezing the fat cells underneath your skin. This results in the fat cells getting ruptured and the releasing content is absorbed by the boy. It takes around 3-4 months and a few sessions for results to be seen.

Laser and radiofrequency treatment

It combines tissue massage with radiofrequency technology, diode laser energy, and infrared light along with suctioning and heat to treat cellulite.


In this treatment, the tough bands under your skin that store cellulite is broken with the help of a needle.


In this method, carbon dioxide is inserted underneath your skin which increases blood flow to the area, resulting in the reduction of cellulite appearance.

How can 7DMC Help You?

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This is especially true for the non-invasive methods, which most people prefer these days due to the lower risks involved. 7DMC has done ground-breaking work in non-invasive skincare treatments and cellulite is one of them.