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Plexr Plasma Eye Lift

Plexr Plasma Eye Lift

Plexr Plasma Eye Lift Treatment

Eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. They are what someone first notices about you when they meet you. Naturally, taking care of it and presenting it in the best possible manner is always something people keep on their priority list.

But growing age has adverse effects on the appearance of the area around your eyes. Sagging skin around your eyes, drooping eyelids, and under-eye wrinkles are among the various skin-related issues that can distort the aesthetics of your beauty.

Fortunately enough, medical science has advanced leaps and bounds to provide miraculous beauty treatments that have the capacity to address the aforementioned problems. One of them – the Plexr plasma eye lift – is our subject of discussion here. So, let us find out how this ultra-modern treatment is creating pavements in the beauty and medical industry.

What is Plexr Plasma Eye Lift?

Gone are the days when the solutions to any altercations to your beauty were only cosmetic surgeries or medicinal treatments. As scientists spent years and years of research in this field, more and more non-invasive, meaning non-surgical treatments with equal if not better end results have come forward.

The Plexr Plasma Eye Lift is one of those non-surgical treatments that have recently seen a spike in its popularity owing to its high effectiveness and the minimal side effects it involves.

It is essentially a non-invasive and non-ablative skin rejuvenation treatment that helps in aesthetically smoothening periocular wrinkles, lifting drooping eyelids, and fixing jowling in and around your face and neck by regenerating plasma in the concerned area. This treatment derives its name from the device it uses to regenerate plasma, which is called a Plexr.

Causes of Droopy Eyelid

As we said before, the Plexr plasma eye lift is primarily aimed at blepharoplasty purposes, meaning a treatment that helps in removing excess muscles, fat, and skin around the region of your eyes in order to repair droopy eyelids.

But before embarking on such a treatment, you need to have an understanding of what causes this droopiness in your eyelids. Here are some of the most common reasons for the same.

  • Aging
  • Genetics
  • Physical injury or trauma in and around your eyes
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Obesity
  • Neurological disorders

Naturally, having droopy eyelids, wrinkles or sagging skin around your eyes can have drastic negative impacts on your self-esteem and self-confidence. Many people become extremely conscious of their looks and suffer from a high level of insecurity because of this.

Plexr plasma eye lift is built for such people who are actively seeking ways out to get rid of such conditions. This treatment would help you achieve a youthful appearance with smooth and supple skin around your eye region by tightening up the droopy eyelids without the need to go under the knife.

Furthermore, this treatment can also play a pivotal role in achieving symmetry of eyelids. Apart from the various blepharoplasty benefits that this treatment provides, it can also be used to remove permanent tattoos and correct acne scars. In addition, its potential in body lifting is also being realized through research slowly.

Where in Dubai can You Avail Plexr Plasma Eye Lift Service?

The rising economy of Dubai has made it one of the most pivotal cities in the world. From its infrastructure to tourism, Dubai has rightfully made its mark be felt on the global map. It is not surprising that some of the most nuanced and intricate medical and beauty treatments have found their place in this city too.

And Plexr plasma eye lift treatment is no exception. There are various places in this city where you can avail this service. However, we can’t stress enough on the importance of getting it done from a certified medical clinic under the supervision of trained professionals in a controlled environment.

The precision that this ultra-modern procedure demands can only be perfectly executed by the hands of experienced non-surgical doctors.  In recent years, 7DMC has established itself as one of the most trustworthy and sought-after medical centers not only in Dubai but in the entire middle-east region.

From the latest equipment to the high-caliber doctors (dermatologists in the case of Plexr plasma eye lift treatment) that this medical center boasts of is unparalleled in the entire region. As such, not only national but several international clients fly down to Dubai to avail the services.


Plexr Plasma Eye Lift Treatment

Things to Do Before the Treatment

First and foremost, you need to get an appointment with a dermatologist and speak to them in detail regarding your concerns. We encourage you to not only speak about the conditions that you want to improve on and be specific to what degree but also give the doctor your extensive medical history and allergies.

A transparent dialogue between you and your dermatologist would ensure in achieving the best end result. This would also help in making sure that you understand the pragmatic reach of this treatment. Everyone’s condition is subjective and you should not expect the end result to be crystal clear like those of movie stars seen on screen.

Talk to your dermatologist in detail about the cost involved and the recovery period and what all steps you need to abide by following the treatment and how long the results will last.

Feel free to take pictures beforehand in order to see the before and after comparisons. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and herbal supplements is usually asked to be stopped a few days before the treatment. The same goes for blood-thinning medicines like that of Aspirin.

Plexr Plasma Eye Lift Treatment Process

The Plexr plasma eye lift treatment begins with you being assigned a date. On the said date, your dermatologist first administers topical or local anesthesia to ease out any discomfort or pain.

He or she would then create dots on your eyelids with the help of a Plexr device in order to sublimate the superficial cells of your skin. Sublimation refers to the change from a solid to a gaseous state here. This device ensures that no harm is caused to the surrounding tissues or cells.

Atmospheric plasma is then generated through the device that helps in building tissue ablation through the process of sublimation. It penetrates to the deeper layer of the skin and in the process tightens the tissues.

As such, it boosts the production of skin collagen, which, in turn, results in the production of new cells and you end up with your skin being lifted and tightened.

The entire process lasts around 30-40 minutes depending on the severity of your conditions.

Things to do After the Treatment

The eyelids might swell temporarily after the treatment but it would get back to normal after 2-3 days. If not, ask your doctor for oral anti-inflammatory tablets.

You might be asked to use Oxygenatix foundation for a month to aid the healing process in and around the treated area. There will be carbon crusting on the eyelids but they usually disappear in 4-10 days. We strongly advise not to rub or scratch or pick the treated area since it might lead to pink skin discoloration.

People with extremely dark complexions can have pale spots and people with an extremely light complexion can have post-inflammatory dark spots after this treatment. So, practice caution.

It is also recommended to take a few days off from work after the treatment so that proper rest can be given to the eyes. Over the next 10 days, have follow-up appointments with the doctor.

Strenuous activities are strictly prohibited after the treatment so that there’s no increased blood flow in your face. Use all the ointments prescribed by your doctor and you may use ice packs to reduce the swelling in your eyes.

Keep yourself hydrated and try and avoid going out in the direct sun or smoking. If any severe side-effects emerge, consult our doctor immediately.


Plexr Plasma Eye lift has been adopted by many for its non-invasive and quick aspects. It also has fewer side effects compared to surgical treatments. So, for all those who are suffering from sagging skin in and around your eyes, drooping eyelids, and wrinkles, give this treatment a shot.

But make sure that you are doing it only from a certified medical center since it involves precision and the sharp knowledge and experience of an expert dermatologist. Also, don’t forget to have a proper and completely transparent consultation before deciding on giving your final say to this treatment so that you are able to figure out whether this treatment will suit you or not.

Remember, if you are pregnant, then you should not opt for this treatment.   









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