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    Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a major cosmetic surgery that makes the abdomen firmer and thinner. The procedure includes the surgical removal of excess fat and sagging skin and tightening of the skin.

    Possible Causes

    Abdominoplasty is an elective surgery for people who love to achieve a more sculpted form. The transformative tummy tuck procedure is also recommended by doctors when underlying abdominal muscles are stretched or damaged.

    Many women who have loose and sagging skin around the waist after pregnancy can get their smoother and tightened waist back. The tummy tuck procedure helps people get back their confidence.

    Risk Factors

    Just like any surgery, abdominoplasty also poses various risks. Some of them are fluid accumulation beneath the skin, unexpected scarring, changes in skin sensation, etc.

    Signs and Symptoms

    Apart from loose sagging skin there is no specific symptoms or signs when you need an abdominoplasty. If you have a wrinkled and sagging skin around waist you can consult with our cosmetic surgeons in Dubai.


    Ensure that you have a detailed discussion with our aesthetic surgeon before you undergo surgery. It is essential to understand all the benefits and risks associated with a tummy tuck. There are two reasons doctors recommend abdominoplasty—medical or cosmetic. There are various imaging techniques used to diagnose if you need the surgery or are an ideal candidate for abdominoplasty. The doctor will evaluate your pre-existing health condition and risk factors as well.

    Treatment Options at 7DMC

    You don’t have to live with protruding abdomen anymore. You can now get your abdominoplasty done by our aesthetic surgeons having outstanding credentials. Our aesthetic clinic in Dubai is your one-stop solution that offers patients the convenience of finding everything under one roof. Our staff and doctors are dedicated to providing constant help and support throughout the process. We consider it is crucial to provide the best experience possible to each of our patients.

    Depending on the patients, three types of tummy tuck surgeries are performed in our plastic surgery clinic in Dubai. Abdominoplasty can be a minor or more involved procedure. It all depends on the final goal and the amount of skin and fat needed to be removed.

    • Complete Abdominoplasty: Patients who need major corrections go for this option. The surgeon makes an incision on the bikini line at the same level of your pubic hair. The surgeon removes the extra fat, skin, and tissues from the region. The length of the surgery scar depends on the length of extra skin removed. The surgeon may also make an incision around the belly button (navel region) to free the navel from surrounding tissue.
    • Partial or Mini-abdominoplasty: Mini-abdominoplasty is performed by making small incisions and removing excess fat around the navel area. The surgeon separates the skin between the line of incision and the belly button. The procedure takes only a couple of hours to be completed.
    • Circumferential Abdominoplasty: Circumferential abdominoplasty includes back surgery. The surgeon uses a longer incision to remove excess skin and fat from the patient’s backside, mainly from the hip and butt region.

    Our cosmetic surgeons in Dubai clinic offer all types of abdominoplasties. Dr. Georgia Vadarli provides consult to patients with varying degrees of correction needs. She specializes in advanced techniques for natural-looking belly buttons, minimal scarring, and defined contours. The surgeon strongly believes cosmetic surgery is an art form that helps people enhance their beauty and build confidence. A tummy tuck is an important part of our body contouring treatment. The surgeon may combine other skin-tightening procedures along with your abdominoplasty so that you can have smoother and tighter skin all over. 

    To achieve impressive results, contact our plastic surgery clinic in Dubai and book an appointment with our Board-certified cosmetic surgeon.


    Frequently asked questions

    You may be a good tummy tuck candidate if you are:
    • physically healthy,
    • maintain a stable weight,
    • a nonsmoker
    Moreover, you need to have realistic expectations from the procedure.

    Apart from cosmetic reasons the abdominoplasty is recommended for patients with medical reasons. The medical reasons for tummy tuck procedure are:

    • correct ventral hernia
    • reduce stress urinary incontinence
    • decrease back pain
    • improve posture

    diastasis recti

    Even though abdominoplasty is a low-risk elective surgery, yet still a surgery. Tummy tuck must not be confused with liposuction or considered an alternative to weight loss. The procedure is safe for both men and women who have good health and stable weight. However, people who are obese and have undergone a drastic weight loss can also use the procedure to tighten loose skin and shape up their abdominal muscles. People who had clotting issues or surgical complications previously are also not ideal candidates for the tummy tuck. Finally, anyone taking medication, anticoagulants, or any supplements, do share it with your doctor.


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