Anti Aging Facial

The facial skin starts to age, being exposed continuously to harmful sun rays, pollutants, dirt, and more. As the skin matures, it starts to lose elastin and collagen. Anti-aging facials are non-invasive preventive cosmetic procedures that help keep the skin firm, youthful, and rejuvenated. There is a range of anti-aging facials to pick from. It is always advisable to seek facial treatment only from experts. The benefits of anti-aging facials include skin thickening, improved elasticity, and a vibrant skin tone.

Causes of facial skin aging

• Environmental pollutants • Exposure to sun • Stress • Tanning beds • Genetic reasons • Smoking • Poor sleep quality • Sugar-high diet • Alcohol • Caffeine

Symptoms of facial skin aging

• Wrinkles • Folds and creases • Fine lines • Slackening of the skin • Rough, dry, and dull skin • Itchy skin • Presence of liver spots or sun spots • Non-cancerous skin growths

How can 7DMC help?

At the Department of Skincare at 7DMC, our skin specialists use advanced treatment methods, state-of-the-art equipment, and the latest technology for anti-aging facial treatments. Every care is taken to offer personalized curing solutions to meet the needs of each patient.

Treatment methods in 7DMC Include:

1. Botox or Botulinum Toxin Therapy - also commonly referred to as Dysport or Xeomin; botox injections are explicitly used to reduce frown lines. The treatment is most effective for crow’s feet and glabellar lines between eyebrows. The therapy helps tighten the muscles in the injected areas. It takes about a week to feel the results.

2. Dermabrasion - this cosmetic procedure is mainly used for the treatment of aging spots and wrinkles. It involves the use of a rotating brush to get rid of the outer skin layer. It is replaced gradually with smoother and newer skin. It takes some time to see the results.

3. Microdermabrasion – it is similar to dermabrasions involving the removal of the outer skin layer. However, the rotating brush is replaced by a particular medical device that sprays minute particles on the skin in this case. This method because it is faster and less abrasive than dermabrasion.

4. Chemical peel – it involves the use of chemical solutions to peel off the top skin layer. There are three types:– (a) light chemical peel uses a mild acid like the alpha-hydroxy acid and works on the epidermis. (b) a medium peel involves the use of a stronger acid like trichloroacetic acid or glycolic. The acid penetrates to the dermis or the middle skin layer. (c) A deep chemical peel involves the use of a strong acid solution like phenol. This acid penetrates to the lowest dermis layer.

5. Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing – this cosmetic anti-aging facial treats superficial scars, age spots, and wrinkles on the face. A pulsating intense laser beam is focused on the skin. The light damages the upper skin layer, which eventually peels off. It is replaced by newer, smoother skin.

6. Nonablative skin rejuvenation techniques – laser or other energy types are used to treat fine lines, spots, wrinkles, etc. It does not involve the removal of the outer skin layer. The recovery time is almost instant.

Our doctors are trusted professionals who assess the exact condition of the face and curate bespoke treatment plans to help achieve the preferred results.