Varicose and spider veins are unsightly and displeasing problems due to the fragile vein walls and can be painful in some cases. The weak vein valve results in blood pooling in the capacitance vessels that may cause the bulging issue in the feet or legs. Whether you suffer from leg cramps or swelling, sclerotherapy is an effective and standard treatment to cure varicose veins. It involves injecting a solution called Sclerosant directly into the lymph vessel. As a result of this process, it forces the blood to flow through healthier lodes, and local tissue reabsorbs the collapsed arterioles to lighten the scar. Eventually, it takes a few weeks or months to reduce the pain and shrink the capacitance vessels.

Additionally, sclerotherapy is also considered for some other issues:

  • • You can treat microcystic lymphatic malformation with the aid of this procedure. Lymphatic vessels transport white blood cells and lymphatic fluid, which encourage the immune system to combat illnesses.
  • • Hydrocele can be healed by following this treatment. This condition develops when toxic fluid accumulates in the testicular region of the body.
  • • It can also treat hemorrhoids, which arise when blood vessels around the rectum enlarge and make bowel motions painful.
Symptoms & Causes

Not everyone suffering from spider or varicose veins exhibits identical symptoms. They are blue or red veins that form a web-like pattern around the face, legs, or ankles. Here are some painful symptoms you should be aware of before dealing with other health issues.

Painful Signs
  • • You may feel heavy and achy in the legs.
  • • You may suffer pain and be itchy around your veins.
  • • You may have discoloration and rash near the veins.
  • • You may experience muscle cramping, inflammation, and throbbing in your lower legs.
  • • You may feel aggravated pain after standing or sitting for long hours.
    • Causes Of Operating Sclerotherapy

      Arteries control blood flow from the heart to the rest of the tissues, whereas veins return blood to the heart to ensure smooth flow. The veins in the legs must function correctly for this mechanism to work. Backward flow and blood accumulation in your legs occur when your blood valves become weak. As you become older, you'll notice that you're having more of these problems. Obesity and excess weight can also trigger this problem. Including that, hormonal changes during menopause or pregnancy might be a factor that intensifies this vein disorder. It wears and rips the valves, causing blood to pool and stopping the circulation process. People undergo this therapy to heal the damaged valves that may lead to varicose veins.

      How Can 7dmc Help?

      Sclerotherapy is a suitable injectable treatment that makes your problematic veins heal and encourages you to return to perform regular activities seamlessly. We at 7dmc offer a complete solution after evaluating the physical condition of the patient and the previous medical history. For operating this therapy, you may not need to go for anesthesia or other critical preparations. Our medical experts follow the systematic procedure, starting from inserting the small needle to the healing process; we assist you in every way to achieve a successful result.