Ear Surgery

for Prominent Ears

Cosmetic ear surgery or otoplasty is a procedure of reshaping or resizing the outer ear or pinna. In many cases, people may have deformed ears due to any injury or birth obstruction. The purpose of reconstructive surgery is to cure the irregularity or improve the appearance. The general size of the ears is approximately 2 centimeters from the head's side, but more prominent than this can be a cause of trouble and psychological distress. For youngsters, it's a serious problem that leads to a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, and other problems.

This procedure is best performed when the child is between the age of 5 and 6 when 90 percent of the growth process has been completed. A person can undergo this treatment at any age after this period as well. Splinting is a non-surgical technique that can effectively fix this issue if started immediately within 2 to 3 weeks of the birth.

Causes of Prominent Ears

The position of the outer ear is nearly 20 to 31-degree angle to the side of the head. If the angle is slightly bigger than the respective size, it looks 'sticking out' or prominent. Around 5% of the world's population is carrying this issue. Here are a few significant causes that may result in prominent ears:

  • Cartilage overdevelopment means the pinna looks more distinguished than the regular shape.
  • Ear injury is another foremost factor that leads to this disproportion.
  • Underdevelopment of the cartilage can also cause this complication if the outer edge doesn't fold appropriately towards the head.
  • In some cases, children suffer from this deformity because of a genetic disorder.

Signs Of Considering Otoplasty

These are common signs of having prominent ears, and you might consider medical therapy as per the condition.

  • Your ears protrude too far from the head.
  • The shape of the ears looks large in proportion to your head.
  • Wrong placement of ears because of previous surgery.

As per the research, the reconstruction of the outer ear is possible after any congenital deformity. Hence, protruding ears will not affect a person's hearing sense.

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