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    Body Contouring

    Body contouring is a surgical or medical process to reshape a portion of the body. It is also known as body sculpting. It helps to shape the body by addressing particular areas. You can get rid of the extra skin, contour the body part, and even eliminate excess fat through this procedure.

    There is both surgical and non-surgical body contouring available for people as per their needs. Generally, non-surgical contouring is known as lipolysis. The following are some of them and their methods:

    • Cryolipolysis: This method uses freezing temperatures to destroy the fat cells.
    • Injection Lipolysis: This method involves the application of deoxycholic acid inside the body to target the fat cells.
    • Laser Lipolysis: In this form, lasers, like Zerona, are used to destroy those fat cells. 
    • Radiofrequency: Ultrasound waves and heat are used in this process to target those fat cells. 

    Apart from these, there are few surgical body contouring solutions, which are:

    • Lifts and Tucks: These surgical processes intend to remove extra skin and excess skin. This includes facelift, tummy tuck, double chin surgery, and breast lift. 
    • Liposuction: Lipo or liposuction targets to suck out the fat deposits.

    Possible Causes

    Body contouring is a cosmetic treatment aimed at removing stubborn fat cells and skin tightening.

    Risk Factor

    There are no associated risk factors that make a person susceptible to body contouring as it is a personal choice.

    Sign & Symptoms

    There are no direct signs or symptoms for opting for body contouring. However, people opt for the procedure due to multiple reasons such as:

    • Reshape your body
    • Reduce fat deposits
    • Skin tightening
    • Treatment
    • Stimulate the growth of collagen
    • Boost self-confidence


    A typical diagnosis before body contouring includes consultation and a clear idea about the results. Some lab tests may also be required before your treatment. Several weeks before the procedure, our doctor will likely advise you to stop using certain medications, such as blood thinners and some pain relievers.

    Treatment Options at 7DMC

    In 7DMC, we understand and perform as per your requirement. The idea of beauty varies for different individuals. Our team of experts follows a sequential procedure for you to experience the utmost benefits of our non-surgical and surgical treatment. 

    The process begins with a primary diagnosis. Our healthcare profession examines and measures the area your desire to change. Take pictures and discuss your requirements. Also, we review the risks you can face in your current body situation. 

    Keeping the above factors in mind, we proceed with the type of body contouring that will suit you the most. Even after the treatment, our experts stay in constant touch with you to hold track of your health.

    Hence, if you plan to get ‘your perfect’ body, contact us for our surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments today.   


    Frequently asked questions

    To continue on this road, there must be some benefits on the other side of the operation. Even it might take a few weeks or months to evidence the results, and they are amusing enough. The following are some of the advantages one experiences from body contouring:

    • A more defined and well-shaped body areas
    • Thinner, younger appearance
    • Smoother skin
    • Symptomatic improvement

    Albeit body contouring can beautify you more, but surgeries do possess some risks. However, the effectiveness of the surgery varies from person to person, and so do the risks. Below are some of the in general risks associated with surgical body contouring:

    • Asymmetrical structures
    • Blood clots or bleeding
    • Complications like vomiting or nausea from the anesthesia
    • Damage to organs, muscles, nerves, or blood vessels
    • Hair loss around incisions
    • Hematoma
    • Unhealed incisions
    • Infection
    • Nerve injury that can cause numbness, tired feeling, or changes in how the skin feels
    • Heart or lungs issues
    • Discoloration, rippling, or scarring of the skin

    Some of the risks related to non-surgical options are:

    • Soreness or pain
    • Rash or hives
    • Swelling
    • Red skin

    Body contouring is considered one of the safe and effective waves to lose weight. However, the medical procedure is not permanent. You need to maintain the results with regular exercise and dieting.