Family planning, being the most popular subject in today's time, is being practiced by plenty of people across the globe. However, the correct method of contraception will help couples prevent unwanted pregnancy and reduce the chances of transmission of sexually transmitted infections.

People rely on the most effective method of contraception which has barely any side effects and is cost-efficient

Types Of Contraceptive Methods

After expert advice, one should try another contraceptive method if the first type didn't work out.

  • Condoms - One of the barrier methods includes Condoms, which are designed for males. The latex prevents the semen from entering the vagina and therefore prevents pregnancy.
  • Copper-T - Copper T is an intrauterine device. The copper released from this device acts as a spermicide which eventually kills sperm.
  • Contraceptive Pills - These pills contain two female hormones, Estrogen, and Progesterone. It thins the uterine lining and makes it incapable of implantation.
  • Injections - A single visit to the clinic will make you stress-free for almost 3 months. Progestin-rich jabs should be taken every three months, in turn, it will stop the release of an egg and therefore prevent pregnancy.
  • Spermicide - A cream that has to be inserted inside the vagina before intercourse. This cream contains a chemical that can kill sperms and further reduce the chances of getting pregnant.

Some Of the Permanent Methods of Birth Control

  • Vasectomy - Removal of the small portion of vas deferens which will block the pathway of movement of sperms.
  • Tubectomy - A tiny piece of the fallopian tube is removed, blocking the egg's travel route.
  • How Can 7DMC help?

    We have a group of highly skilled and experienced doctors, who are here to help you whenever you need it. Our experts will ask about your medical history and do a physical examination before making any recommendations. Your age, blood pressure, hormone imbalance, sugar levels, and other factors must also be considered. Our team of specialists will only recommend the most appropriate contraceptive device for each person.