Aesthetic and Cosmetic Fillings

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    Aesthetic and Cosmetic Fillings

    Aesthetic and Cosmetic Fillings

    When we smile, our teeth are exposed to the people around us, which means it is one of the first things people notice about us—as such, maintaining a healthy appearance of our teeth is crucial.

    More importantly, an unhealthy-looking tooth also means it might be decaying, which, in turn, can have snowballing effects on your overall oral health. Thankfully, advancement in the dentistry field has enabled us to seek numerous ways to fix the appearance of our damaged teeth.

    And aesthetics and cosmetic fillings are among those ways that you need to avail yourself to get healthy, shiny, white teeth.

    Filling refers to the medical procedure of restoring or replacing the structure of your tooth with a specific material. These are usually done on the damaged or decaying tooth.

    Possible Causes

    Traditionally, the fillings that existed were metal or amalgam fillings. These contain mercury traces with white fillings (composites) that keep your teeth strong. However, the issue with these types of fillings is that they are not pleasing to look at. The metal/mercury/silver margins give an extremely unsightly appearance.

    With aesthetic fillings, you can smile your heart out without covering your mouth out of embarrassment. They help you achieve natural-looking tooth-colored restorations that are gaining significant popularity around the world.

    Aesthetic and cosmetic fillings are aimed at making your teeth look better while also fixing your teeth problem from a structural and functional perspective.

    Risk Factors

    Cavities don’t go on their own. It can continuously grow in size if you ignore it. Some people are at higher risk of forming a cavity. The following factors influence the formation of cavity:

    • Location of tooth
    • Sugary food and drinks
    • Smoking
    • Frequent snacking and sipping
    • Lack of proper brushing
    • Lack of fluoride consumption
    • Eating disorders

    Signs and Symptoms

    • Toothache without any apparent cause.
    • Teeth sensitivity.
    • Mild to sharp pain when consuming sweet, hot, or cold food.
    • Brown, black or white staining on any surface of a tooth.
    • Visible holes or pits in your teeth.
    • Pain when you bite or chew.


    Cavity diagnosis is the everyday routine of a dentist. They detect tooth decay by:

    • Visually examine your mouth and teeth.
    • Asking about pain and sensitivity of teeth.
    • Check soft areas of teeth by probing with dental instruments.
    • By taking dental X-rays, which show the extent of cavities and decay.

    Your dentist can also tell the three types of cavities you may have — smooth surface, pit, and fissure, or root.

    Treatment Options at 7DMC

    The dentistry clinic of 7DMC is one of the most sought-after dentistry clinics in the world. With new-age equipment and trained professionals, you can rest assured that whatever concerns you may have related to your teeth will get answered here.

    And that includes aesthetic and cosmetic filling as well. So, book an appointment quickly, have a consultation session with the dentists here, and act in accordance with their expert advice to get the best oral health. 

    Getting an aesthetic or cosmetic filling requires you to get an appointment with a dentist first. On the day assigned to you, firstly, you will be given local anesthesia, and the infected areas of your tooth will be drilled out. This also ensures that the fillings hold firmly.

    Next, the tooth is cleaned, and the enamel is treated, followed by filling composite resin or porcelain. Finally, the filling will be smoothened and polished. You would recover in 1-3 days, during which you might feel sensitivity to hot and cold food.


    Frequently asked questions

    Dental fillings are not natural; that is why they are more prone to infection and decay, according to experts. Dental treatment can cause more harm than good. According to studies, any 6 out of 10 teeth next to a filling had decayed after 5 years, and 30% of those needed fillings.

    Aesthetic and cosmetic fillings are preferred over traditional amalgam fillings due to various reasons. First and foremost, aesthetic and cosmetic fillings give you more natural-colored teeth than the unnatural look provided by amalgam.

    Secondly, since they are suitable for allergic patients since they are not made out of metals, they contract and expand very much like natural teeth’ structure rate. This also means there are comparatively minimal risks of the filling causing damage or falling off.

    Furthermore, they are way more durable than amalgams. They strengthen the structure of your teeth by making sure the composite resin or porcelain spreads equally to each and every corner, which ensures a strong bond.

    The major difference between cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry is the final objective of the treatment. While aesthetic dentistry aims to give you more natural-looking teeth, cosmetic dentistry uses more advanced and invasive methods to make your teeth look better.

    The method used by aesthetic dentists is regular cleaning, root canal removal, and teeth restoration with the help of fillings and bridges. Cosmetic dentists use techniques like braces, teeth whitening, veneers, etc.