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7 Surprising Benefits of Hijama


7 Amazing Benefits of Hijama

Hijama Therapy

Cupping is an ancient Chinese remedy that the Egyptians also employed. Cupping promotes life force energy in the body via meridians.

Hijama cups are made of plastic or bamboo, but primarily glass. The cup features a curled rim to guarantee firm skin contact and the preservation of the negative pressure produced. Before the treatment begins, oil is applied to the patient’s skin to aid in the glide of the cups during therapy. It is a safe, conventional treatment that aids in the resolution of chronic muscular stiffness and discomfort more quickly than massage therapy alone.

People are rediscovering the benefits of cupping, from Olympic athletes to pregnant pop singers.

What is the process of Hijama or Cupping?

A cloth soaked in alcohol is ignited on fire and put inside the cup to produce a vacuum. Cups are then placed directly on top of meridian lines (located on your back) or any other therapeutic region on the patient’s body. The cup sucks the skin into it as a result of the suction. The ensuing suction pushes the blood deep within the body to the surface. Healing occurs as a result of the increased blood and energy flow. Cupping treatment is traditionally performed in groups of four, six, or ten cups. Typically, the cups are left in place for 5 to 20 minutes.

People are increasingly seeking cupping to ease persistent muscular discomfort. Cupping may be used to treat a variety of different ailments.

Benefits of Hijama or Cupping Therapy

Faster pain management

Hijama can help with arthritis, lower back pain, and other problems. It can also treat headaches, migraines, tooth pain, muscular pain, sciatica, and other types of pain.

Cupping treatment can lower pain intensity by affecting pain transmission communication routes from a stimulating location to the brain and backward.

Cupping improves blood circulation

The suction from the cups enhances circulation in the region where they are positioned. The increased blood flow to that location can aid in relieving muscular tension and promoting cell healing. Cupping increases the blood flow, which helps to decrease the appearance of cellulite.

Cure chronic fatigue syndrome

Rest and rejuvenation are difficult to come by in our fast-paced society. Even if we find time for physical relaxation, we are mentally overburdened by digital distractions such as cellphones, computers, and so on. All of these can contribute to chronic fatigue syndrome. Hijama or cupping is an excellent therapy for this problem.

Lung disease reliever

Cupping is an excellent therapy for respiratory illnesses such as persistent cough, asthma, bronchitis, and pleurisy.

Cupping stimulates the release of toxins from tissues

Toxins are removed from your blood by organs. However, the contemporary way of living overloads your body with poisons. Cupping stimulates your body’s ability to eliminate toxins. Concentrated blood flow benefits your body by removing toxins through the lymphatic system.

Amazing Benefits of Hijama

Cupping can help with varicose and spider veins

Varicose veins appear as bulging, blue veins immediately beneath the skin, most often on the legs and feet. They occur when the vein’s internal valves fail to adequately pump blood from the muscle back to the heart, causing the blood to coagulate and the veins to twist and bulge. Cupping aids in the restoration of renewed blood flow and oxygen to troubled regions.

Relieving digestive problems

If your digestion is disrupted, you may experience congestion, stagnation, and water and fat accumulation. This condition can cause bloating and constipation. Cupping treatment can be used to relieve digestive system blockage and encourage free flow.

Adverse Effects of Hijama

Cupping is essentially safe if performed by a competent health expert. However, the following adverse effects may occur in the region where the cups come into contact with your skin:

  • Mild discomfort
  • Burns and bruises
  • Infection of the skin
  • Bloodborne infections such as hepatitis B and C can be transferred if cups and equipment become contaminated with blood and are not appropriately sanitized between patients.

Why 7DMC?

Only recognized medical facilities are recommended for you to receive this therapy since you will not only be in a safe atmosphere, but you will also have access to a prestigious panel of medical specialists. To select the most appropriate and successful therapy for each person, your Practitioner must know the patient’s complete medical and health history.

Infection prevention is a critical element of our therapeutic treatment, and we adhere to stringent infection control protocols. Cupping treatment demands direct contact with the skin and bodily fluids; thus, such precautions are critical. These precautions at our medical center include hand hygiene and washing and the use of personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, protective glasses, and gowns.

Before beginning the operation, the patient’s skin is disinfected using authorized disinfectants. Furthermore, the patient’s bed is disinfected, or disposable bed covers are used with extreme caution.


Cupping treatment is a traditional alternative medicine method that has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide range of common medical issues. According to existing data, cupping treatment may help treat common chronic painful disorders for a short length of time. However, most existing trials have drawbacks, such as a small sample size, different outcome assessment methodology, treatment time, and therapy regimens. Nonetheless, there is rising evidence of cupping therapy’s potential benefits in those suffering from common chronic pain problems. As a result, a multispecialty clinic with a track record of success must always be considered.




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