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Things You Should Consider Before Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Things You Should Consider Before Getting Your Teeth Whitened

Teeth whitening has become a necessity rather than a luxury or a cosmetic treatment nowadays. This popular procedure has become easily affordable and accessible, and we can see significant advancements in the process of teeth whitening. The easy and quick whitening solutions would help boost the person’s confidence with an even brighter smile.

However, if you’re thinking of getting your teeth whitened, there are a few things you should consider before you do it. In this article, we have listed down a few things that you must know.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

The process of teeth whitening is pretty simple and doesn’t involve any complications. The process of teeth whitening requires bleaching to make it brighter and whiter. The procedure involves using whitening ingredients such as carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, and other bleaching agents to whiten and lighten your teeth shade. Even though you won’t achieve white teeth with teeth whitening, you can still lighten it with a few shades. Before you proceed, the dentist would first examine the health of your teeth and check whether it is fit for the process or not!

The teeth whitening procedure involves using a mould to make customized whitening trays that are appropriate for your particular teeth. Before the procedure, the dentist takes your existing teeth shade to help you make a comparison between the two shades of before and after treatment.

Teeth whitening treatments require several visits. In the next appointment, the dentist would fit the whitening trays, and he would then practically explain how to use the kits. There are several types of kits available. However, each of them consists of less bleach than the maximum amount of bleach legally implemented.

Gum Sensitivity

There is a chance to experience gum sensitivity issues. Whatever teeth treatments you choose to implement, whether it be teeth whitening or anything else, the chemicals and heat used in the treatment always have the risk factors that can make you suffer from severe gum and teeth sensitivity. People with open cavities, receding gums, cracked or broken teeth, and leaky fillings are mostly prone to such sensitivity. The chances to suffer gets higher when you already have sensitive gums.

You must desensitize your teeth first before you go for the treatment if you have existing sensitivity issues. There is an effective way to prevent gum and teeth sensitivity- desensitizing toothpaste available and meant for preventing gum sensitivity. The desensitizing toothpaste consists of potassium nitrate and strontium chloride that effectively prevent the transfer of pain signals to the nerves from the tooth. Using this toothpaste regularly for a minimum of three weeks can help you get rid of this problem.

According to the dentists, the sensitivity rarely continues after the completion of the entire teeth whitening procedure. If you still suffer from severe sensitivity even after completing treatment, consider taking a pain reliever prescribed by your dentist.

Teeth Whitening is Not Permanent

According to dentists, the result of teeth whitening can last for around three years. However, the period may also differ depending upon a person’s eating habits. The whitened teeth may diminish if you regularly consume coffee, tea, red wine, chew tobacco, and smoke cigarettes.

In the future, if in case you need top-ups, then secure the mouthguard properly. A mouthguard is used to stick the bleach to the teeth. You can acquire a suitable teeth whitening bleaching agent for your teeth given by your dentist and use it at home easily for top-ups. Ask your dentist how often is it safe to use.

Teeth whitening treatment is only for real teeth

If you have gone through any teeth treatments such as veneers, fillings, crowns, or dentures, always remember that you won’t acquire teeth whitening treatment on these. The treatment of teeth whitening works only on your real teeth. Sometimes, after the treatment of teeth whitening, the front teeth fillings can be changed (if you have done fillings) as they are the only ones easily visible while smiling.

Teeth whitening process is effective by a dentist

The treatment of teeth whitening must be performed legally only by a professional of dental care. A dental therapist or dental hygienist who has acquired appropriate training and has a proper Dental Council certificate should perform the treatment and that too under a dentist’s prescription only.

Teeth whitening kits purchased online may be low in price, but you should avoid using such kits as it may contain an inappropriate amount of bleaching agent that can be highly harmful to the teeth. Besides, the mouth guard that comes with the kit will not be appropriate for your mouth, and the bleaching agent too won’t be appropriately applied, and apart from everything, it is illegal.

Opt for teeth cleaning before teeth whitening

It doesn’t matter what teeth treatments you are going for; always ensure to clean your teeth by a dental care expert before treatment to boost teeth whitening treatment effectiveness. If tartar or plaque is sticking to your teeth, the bleaching agent may not hold the teeth correctly. This would result in an ineffective teeth whitening process.

It is crucial to perform teeth cleaning by a dental expert that will be effective in getting rid of any tartar or other sediments as you won’t be able to remove these sediments at home. It is also recommendable to take primary care of your teeth, especially between the weeks of your teeth whitening treatment. Clean your teeth using dental floss at home and brush regularly to avoid any mess that can slow down or hamper the procedure of whitening.

Teeth whitening may or may not be suitable for you

Consult with your dentist and ask whether teeth whitening treatment is suitable for you or not. Let them know about your medical history and other issues. Several people have several medical or dental conditions, and it is difficult for them to undergo the teeth whitening procedure. A person with a particular medical condition may not be suitable for a specific teeth treatment. Moreover, the teeth whitening treatments involving various bleaching gels and higher levels of ultraviolet light rays may be extremely harmful to some.

Women who breastfeed, pregnant women, and people who are extremely sensitive to ultraviolet radiations should rarely give a thought about teeth whitening treatments. Also, people with certain medical conditions such as melanoma, heart diseases, diabetes, or chemotherapy treatment or taking strong medications or suffering from gum problems should stay away from such treatments.

Knowing the critical points before you opt for teeth whitening treatment is crucial to help you understand whether you are a perfect fit for the treatment or not. If done at a professional dental clinic, the teeth whitening process is safe. However, keep in mind that this treatment is not effective in serving great results on fillings, veneers, crowns, and caps. After completing the procedure, try to reduce the consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, and red wine and reduce smoking cigarettes as it can negatively impact white teeth. Always consult with your dentist and inform him about your medical history before whitening.


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