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Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic

Sports medicine and rehabilitation clinic in Dubai

Sports medicine and rehabilitation clinic in Dubai

Getting you back to life

7DMC is a quality-driven multi-disciplinary clinic, serving patients in Dubai and nearby emirates. Our sports clinic in Dubai has emerged as one of the best sports medicines and rehabilitation clinics in Dubai. Each of our healthcare professionals uses functionally oriented active treatment methods to achieve the results. We aim to provide only the best possible care to our patients suffering from knee pain problems, joint pains, recovering from sports injuries, and surgeries. Our sports clinic in Dubai is equipped with the latest facilities and highly experienced and talented health care professionals. The entire sports and rehabilitation medicine treatment unit are divided into 4 departments: orthopedic clinic, physiotherapy department, sports medicine, and chiropractic treatment. We have one of the most experienced orthopedic doctors, registered physiotherapists, chiropractors, certified athletic therapists, sports medicine physicians, and doctors for knee pain management.

We offer the best treatment for knee pain by focusing on the cause and treating it with a combination of both medicine and physical training.

Our medical center 7DMC is Committed to

  • Provide elite and professional training to the athletes and help them raise the bar with a team of well qualified Sports Medicine Doctors with extensive experience.
  • Believe in individuality and provide healthcare requirements, including proper nutrition planning and various exercise regimes based on the patients’ physical needs.
  • Young or old, pro, amateur, or weekend warrior, we have the expertise, advanced technology, and services to make a difference in your physical care.
  • Simplified training methods backed by world-class research, to demystify task-situation analysis in various sports.
  • Effective pain management treatment for all age groups and professions.
  • Utilize our expertise to make an impact on the health of the nation.

Why 7DMC sports clinic?

Beat the injury

If injuries are not treated properly, they can cause a lifetime of discomfort. Injuries can be caused by accident or repeated use of a body part with minor injuries that can become chronic injuries later. We focus on providing immediate relief and later on prevent further damage to enhance human movement. Our experts believe in an in-depth assessment to access problems that are inhibiting in performing day-to-day work. We also have specialized programs for athletes’ injury management and help them get back to their game. We also provide assistance in increasing athletic performance after suffering an injury.

Right Treatment

Our specialists in sports medicine use the data after your assessment and create a safe conditioning program that fits each patient’s unique needs. We treat various conditions and problems; we provide multiple services in sports and other musculoskeletal injuries. We focus on prevention and rehabilitation, concussion treatment, diagnostic and interventional ultrasound, and non-surgical treatment of injuries. We are also committed to delivering the latest and best sports medical care and prevention strategy to treat superficial injuries as well as the most complex ones.


With our state-of-the-art facilities and you have access to top physicians. They are experienced in handling a full range of chronic and acute sports-related injuries. These experts include physiotherapists and doctors with sports medicine background available under one roof. Our orthopedic doctors work alongside physical therapists, trainers, and performance specialists to offer a full spectrum of care. Our goal is to ensure the athlete returns to total activity after a sports injury or other chronic injury, which stops them from excelling.

Who can benefit from sports therapy?

 One of the most common questions our sports therapists often get asked is, who exactly needs to visit a sports clinic? And the type of treatment methodologies we opt to treat problems such as chronic pains and rehabilitation after surgery. Below points can shed some light on the various health issues covered by sports and rehabilitation treatments. They can also clear up any confusion you may have about the role of doctors, physiotherapists, and chiropractors.

Recent injuries

If you have just recently injured yourself, our doctors and sports therapists can help you curb the damage and set you on the road to recovery. Our specialists have the necessary skills to treat the injured area and provide relevant rehabilitation exercises to help you gain strength—our focus with recent injuries to arrest further deterioration and effective pain management. We also help you understand your body a bit more and understand similar injuries’ susceptibility in the future.

Ligament Damage

 Only a sports person and doctors can understand the role of ligaments and cartilages in the human body. Unlike popular belief, bones are not the only body part that gets affected during sports injuries. It’s the ligament and cartilage tear that are most affected. Cartilages and ligaments perform various vital functions related to the movements of our limbs. They support our weight when we bend, run, or stretch. Any wear or tear in these body parts is hard to recover from but not impossible. Right treatment techniques can help stabilize the areas and prevent further damages. At our sports injury clinic, we utilize various treatments combining massage, mobilizations, electrotherapy, and exercises. Our focus here is to help the area heal and eventually become stronger structurally than ever before.

 Chronic Injuries

 Chronic injuries are the most painful ones to deal with. They are often referred to as overuse injuries due to the way they occur. Chronic injuries develop slowly and last a very long time. Our sports therapists use a wide variety of skills to help the body cope with pain and substantially eliminate it. We can help you identify any movement issues which may be the cause of your pain. Picking up from there, we may use corrective exercises to help correct your faulty movement patterns. Our team can administer physical training, massage therapy, chiropractic care, and point therapy. These procedures not only help with the management of pain but also prevent any further damage.

 Post-Operative Rehab

Irrespective of whether you are a sportsperson or a regular person trying to recuperate after surgery, we can help you. The early stage of rehabilitation is crucial to help you recover post-surgery. It enables you to recover stronger than you were before. We have a strong experience working with patients coming straight out of the surgery and helping them comfortably rehabilitate. Post-operative rehab may appear to be lengthy and tiresome, so you need an encouraging and qualified team to guide you.

Sports Specific Rehab

We understand that athletes are vulnerable to a lot of injuries, not only when they are playing sports but also when they are training or doing post workouts. A few of the common injuries they are likely to get are soft tissue damages leading to muscle pulls, sprains, and fractures. Considering these injuries are the most common among athletes, our sports clinic in Dubai has started a complete body assessment to provide tailor-made personal care needs. By using our expertise and immense knowledge about sporting needs and requirements, you can rest assured you are in capable hands. Our goal here is to help athletes get back on their chosen pitch with newer strength and vigor.

Weight loss

We have witnessed more than once people tend to gain weight, not because of poor habits but injuries and physical limitations. These issues prevent them from living a healthy and physically active life. Our physiotherapists can help you as a personal trainer and coach on your condition and help you lose weight. Our therapists’ holistic approach is based on the cardiovascular system, dietary needs, weight training requirements, etc. The right training program molded by our experts can help you to lead a healthy and active life.

Preventive exercises

At 7DMC, we believe in Preventive health care, the Right training, and Proper treatment. These are the crucial factor of training which is often overlooked in past treatment methods. The specially curated preventative training is developed to prevent injuries from happening and avert similar injuries to reoccur. The preventive training program can help improve your current performance and promote long term health and longevity.

Functional Training

Functional training or therapy is a powerful treatment technique that combines both theological and behavioral aspects to treat a patient. Our physical therapists and doctors deal with joint pains/motions, muscle strength, and endurance. The treatment method includes therapeutic exercises, cardiovascular training, and endurance training in daily activities. The treatment plan is customized based on each patients’ requirements, strengths, range of motion, and ability to perform various activities. Functional training has proven to be extremely beneficial in balance difficulties, occupational injuries, neck pain, headache, digestive issues, etc.

Recovery from occupational therapy

Occupational therapy interventions can help a great deal for children with disabilities to participate better in school activities. Apart from that, it can also help people recovering from injury and looking to regain a skill. It has again proven to be beneficial to older adults experiencing cognitive changes. Our occupational therapy clinic uses treatment strategies include determining individual goals and customize a treatment plan to improve a person’s ability to perform various tasks. The treatment plan is often changed and upgraded based on the patients’ responses.

Pre/Post Natal Training

These are more specialized services offered to females depending on the specific stage of pregnancy or recovery. Many modern women now wish to maintain their health and quality of life even after pregnancy. Although the exercises and physical training for during and after pregnancy are well-documented, it requires experienced caregivers to determine training level. Our therapists and doctors closely monitor the progress and suggest a plan based on that.


Clinical Service We Provide For Sports Medicine

Sports Injury Treatment: Our sports medicine doctors and therapists specialize in shoulder injury treatment, slap tear shoulder, ligament and tendon injuries, and other sports-related injuries and rehabilitation treatment.

Internal Sports Medicine: Our specialized physicians evaluate your cardio-respiratory and vascular health. Our experts can help you build your flexibility, strength, movement, and aerobic fitness based on their observation.

Physiotherapy: Our licensed and specialized physiotherapists are an integral part of the rehabilitation team. They utilize both manual and technical methods like exercise rehabilitation, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment, biomechanical training, dry needling treatment, thermal and electrical modalities. Our quality services also include postural corrections and ergonomic activity improvement.

Athletic Training: Our sports therapists team up with our physicians to provide extensive athletic care. We also offer services to local and professional teams in the management of sports and orthopedic injuries. We strive along with you to achieve your best.

Pain Management: Pain is complex; only the one who is suffering really understands it. That is why knee joint pain treatment and other pain doctors are always in demand. Most of our pain relief treatment included physical therapy, lifestyle changes, hands-on therapy, neck pain, backaches, and knee pain treatment.

Concussion Management: Most concussions can be resolved with the right care and a well-planned Return to Play Program.  We can help you to restore flexibility, movement, and strength. Our doctors provide the best research-driven concussion management treatment. The treatment techniques include vestibular rehabilitation, manual therapy, vision and balance assessment, baseline testing, and post-injury management.

Diagnostic Imaging: We have the latest scanning and testing equipment. Our radiology department provides a complete range of imaging services.

Sports Nutrition: We have highly trained sports dieticians and nutritionists. They can help athletes and fitness-minded individuals to meet their nutrition and performance goals.

Chiropractic Care: Our expert chiropractors specialize in the correction of biomechanical disorders in the spine, joints, and knees. Many neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions can be treated with the help of chiropractic treatments.

The first step to recovery is getting the correct diagnosis from a certified sports medicine specialist. Both treatment and rehabilitation are critical to ensure your return to the sport you love. 7DMC aims to prepare you for achieving excellence in your sports via preventive care for your respective sports. We treat any sports-related illnesses along with advanced training to improve every aspect of your sporting performance. We work closely with athletes, listening to their concerns and understanding their needs. Our Sports Physicians offer a comprehensive team approach towards the athlete’s wellbeing and excel in his sporting performance.










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