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Skin Tag Removal Treatment

Skin Tag Removal

Removing Skin Tags

Almost half of the adults have skin tags. Although they cause no harm, they can be pretty bothersome. Imagine you are putting on your favorite necklace, and it gets caught on your skin tag. Can you relate to this situation?

Apart from cosmetic appearances, skin tags do not cause any pain or discomfort. Cosmetic reasons top the list when one decides to get them removed. Skin tags around the face and neck may appear as blemish on your otherwise flawless skin.

What is a skin tag?

Skin tags are very common benign skin growths that appear on the skin surface. The medical term for Skin tags is Acrochordon. They are the pieces of tissue that usually hang from the skin and appear as stalks. They are generally made up of collagen fibers, fat, rare nerve cells, and small blood vessels. Sometimes the collagen fibers and blood vessels bundle up inside the layer of skin, leading to the formation of skin tags. The skin tags are also known as fibroepithelial polyps and fibromas.

Some of the must-know Skin tags facts:

  • They are benign (noncancerous) skin growth.
  • Skin tags are more common than you think.
  • A person may have one to hundreds of skin tags.
  • Almost everyone has the possibility to have skin tags at some point.
  • Obese and middle-aged adults are more prone to skin tags.
  • Skin tags mostly appear on the base of the neck, underarms, eyelids, groin folds, buttock folds, under breasts, etc.

What causes skin tags?

It is still unclear what makes skin tags appear. It is believed since they generally appear at skin folds, friction can be a reason. According to a 2008 study, HPV can be a factor in the development of skin tags. However, the study also suggests the friction on the skin may provide an easy entry for the HPV. Both HPV and friction together may be significant cofactors that contribute to the appearance of skin tags.

Who tends to get skin tags?

According to Dr. Shahram Mortazavi (Specialist Aesthetic & Cosmetic Physician), skin tags are extremely common, especially among older adults, people who are obese, or diabetic, or both. Skin tags generally start appearing in middle age and tend to increase as you age.

There are several other reasons for the appearance of skin tags. Many pregnant women experience skin tags during their pregnancy. In some rare cases, skin tags can be a sign of hormone imbalance or endocrine problems.

It is also noticed that several family members have skin tags, so there may be a genetic connection to them.

Skin Tag Treatment

How are skin tags removed?

Skin tags are not harmful in any way. However, some people find them unattractive and choose to have them removed. Tiny skin tags often get rubbed off on their own. There are various medicinal and minimally invasive methods available for the removal of skin tags.

At 7DCM, our doctors remove skin tags by various methods:

  • Cryotherapy: It is one of the most commonly used methods. In this process, the dermatologist freezes off the skin tag using liquid nitrogen. The process is easy and comfortable and can be done in just a matter of minutes in our skin and dermatology clinic in Dubai. Cryotherapy has low risks of side effects and has minimal recovery time.
  • Electrocautery: The process involves burning off the skin tag using a needle or electric probe. Our expert dermatologists apply heat to a very narrow and targeted location to achieve tissue destruction. This non-surgical procedure has no downtime required and provides permanent results.
  • Snipping: Removing the skin tags with the help of scissors or a scalpel. It is advisable for larger skin tags.
  • Litigation: The dermatologist removes the skin tag by tying it off with a surgical thread.

There is no requirement for anesthesia to remove small skin tags. The doctor may use local anesthesia for removing large or multiple skin tags.

Natural Remedies for removing skin tags

While the internet gives you so many home-remedy options for skin tags, the efficacy is doubtful. Online search results will pour in several results that involve kitchen staples for removing skin tags. Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, tea tree oil, and iodine are some of the most common recommendations. However, you need to understand there is no scientific foundation for achieving success through natural remedies.

You may also encounter several DIY methods videos describing the process of removing skin tags at home. Even with the ideal situation, the equipment and place may not be completely germ-free. Removing skin tags on your own may cause bleeding, infection, and burns. So, let our skincare experts handle your skin tags and help you achieve flawless skin.

Keep an open eye for atypical skin tags

Some skin growths may appear as skin tags. However, if you notice a fleshy growth, variation in colors, or sudden change in size, contact our skincare experts immediately.

Most of the time, skin tags are nothing more than annoying benign growth. However, rarely can they be much more than that. That’s why its important that your closely watch your skin tags or let your doctor have a look at them.

Why 7DMC?

Our doctors have years of international and national experience in dealing with various skin ailments. We have doctors for dermatology, cosmetology, and aesthetic medicine for taking care of all your skin needs. Our clinic has state-of-the-art infrastructure with the latest and highly advanced equipment. All our medical staff has DHA license for practicing in their respective fields. In Dubai, it is mandatory to get a DHA license to practice any kind of medical treatment. There are several benefits of removing skin tags with non-surgical methods at our medical centre.

  • Less risk
  • Quick, affordable, and easy
  • Less pain, faster recovery
  • Zero or very less down-time
  • No stitches or scar

Some skin tags are stubborn, and they need to be removed if they are bothering you. If you have a skin tag that itches, change color, bleeds, book an appointment with us and consult our doctors immediately.






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