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Look Younger than Your Age with HydraFacial Skincare Treatment

HydraFacial Skincare Treatment

HydraFacial Treatment

With age, your skin becomes dull, losing its elasticity and suppleness. Fine lines, wrinkles, and spots become an everyday affair. These facts are inevitable, there’s no denying that! But what is in your control is the fact that you can slow down the rate of which these signs appear. Yes, you heard that right! Medical advancements have lifted many beauty treatments that previously seemed impossible. The best part about these treatments is that many of them are non-surgical, meaning you don’t have to go under the knife to reap their benefits. HydraFacial skin care treatment is one such example that helps you look younger than you actually are.

What is HydraFacial Skin Treatment?

HydraFacial treatment for skincare is a medical-grade, multi-step treatment aimed at hydrating your skin. It is a five-stage process that involves cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, serum fusion, and LED masks.

Using a pen-like device, known as the HydraPeel Tip, a serum is infused into the pores of your skin to hydrate it. This specialized serum has antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

What makes this treatment stand out from the rest is that unlike other beauty regimes, it focuses on all types of skin imperfections instead of just one issue.

Besides, it is completely safe and doesn’t bring with it any side-effects. In our everyday life, we spend so much money on multiple skin products. These cosmetics may give us an instant glow, but in the long run, they have the potential to damage our skin. This is why it is important to think long term. We need to opt for the treatments that will bring both immediate and far-reaching benefits, and HydraFacial skin treatment ticks all the boxes in this regard.

Its potential has been realized so much in recent times that the current stats say that a HydraFacial treatment is performed every 15 seconds globally. This means that more than 2 million such treatments are performed annually worldwide.

Breaking Down the Process of HydraFacial Skin Treatment

As we stated earlier, the HydraFacial skin treatment involves five steps. Let us try and understand them a bit more in detail. But before we do so, we must tell you that a scientific treatment like this one should be done only under the supervision of experts at a certified skincare aesthetic clinic, especially since it deals with the skin of your face, which is extremely delicate and sensitive. With that being said, let us move on to the five-stage process of this treatment.


Cleansing, or more specifically, vortex cleansing, involves the removal of excess sebum (oil secretion, dirt, and other impurities). 

In this step, a nutrient-rich serum is infused in your skin with the help of the patented HydraPeel Tip. This serum has hydrating properties that soften the toxic compounds and impurities in your skin. This is done because most of the dirt compounds are extremely difficult to remove from dry skin, and a normal wash doesn’t penetrate your skin deep enough to extract them. 

Hydrating them ensures that they are successfully extracted in the third stage of HydraFacial treatment. For this reason, the HydraPeel tip is often compared to a wet vacuum cleaner.


The second stage involves exfoliating or resurfacing your skin. The HydraPeel Tip is employed in this stage as well. The medical personnel uses the multiple edges of HydraPeel Tip to exfoliate your skin.

Usually, skin exfoliation can cause irritation or burning sensations for people with sensitive skin. But this instrument ensures that the entire process is a painless one, even for the most sensitive ones out there. At the end of this stage, the pores start aligning, thereby giving the appearance of smooth, supple skin.


The third stage of extracting the impurities from the skin is the culmination of the first two stages. Here, a liquid mix of glycolic and salicylic acids is applied to the skin for the extraction process. 

Usually, removing blackheads and whiteheads is a time-consuming process. Not to mention, the pain involved in such processes is excruciating. However, with HydraFacial skincare treatment, you will not only be able to avoid experiencing any pain, but it will also save a lot of time. 

Besides, it should be noted that this liquid also helps in giving a glow to your face.

Serum Fusion

In the fourth stage, a fusion of anti-aging and antioxidant serum is infused in your skin to resolve the fine lines and wrinkles that make your skin sag. A special spiral tip instrument is used to administer the serum into the dermal (corium) layer of your skin. 

These fine lines start appearing when you hit your forties. Although, in this age of pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle, a lot of people start developing these wrinkles in their thirties. For them, this treatment is an absolute must. 

Apart from taking care of your wrinkles and fine lines, this stage also gets rid of all the undesirable skin pigmentations.

LED Masks

The final stage of Hydration skin treatment uses an LED light mask to stimulate the skin cells so that they produce more and more elastin fibers and collagen.

Collagen is the primary structural protein element of your skin and connective tissue. They help in making your skin look youthful by giving the elasticity it requires.

The LED light masks also help in killing the acne-causing bacteria along with other infectious entities. People with oily skin are more prone to develop acne because oily skin is the perfect place for facilitating infections. So, this treatment is highly recommended for individuals with oily skin.

We, at 7DMC, use a scientific and systemic method involving the aforementioned steps to conduct this treatment. Take a look at it from the video below.

Also, our HydraFacial Treatment includes a complimentary 15-minute facial message to go along with it. After all, there’s nothing like ending a beauty treatment with a relaxed and rejuvenating massage. Being a reputed skincare clinic in Dubai, 7DMC always focuses on providing the best service with the utmost care.

Final Takeaway

HydraFacial skin treatment is one of the finest scientific skincare treatments available. Whether its reducing wrinkles and fine lines or removing whiteheads and blackheads, whether it is improving the tone and texture of your skin or increasing its elasticity, this treatment takes care of everything.  

For getting the maximum benefits and the best result, it is advised to undergo this treatment every 4-6 weeks.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t want a smooth, supple, bright skin that makes you look younger than your age. It doesn’t matter if you are 35 or 55, if you want a smoother, brighter skin that can cut down your age, this treatment is one of the most convenient ways of achieving that. However, it should not mean that young people in their 20s can’t go for a HydraFacial session. We all know that anyone can have blackheads, pimples, or acne. These skin problems can affect everyone. So, this treatment is for everyone.


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