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The Safest Acne Scar Removal Treatment Using Dual-Functional RF Technology

Acne Scar Removal Treatment Using Dual-Functional RF Technology

Acne Scar Removal Treatment

If you are not one of those extremely lucky and rare individuals, chances are pretty high that you have suffered from acne at one point or another in your life. Although they mostly resolve on their own, they can leave severe scars that are extremely unpleasant to look at. Of course, you will find dozens of home-made acne removal remedies to fight off the scars, but most of them end up damaging your skin. This is why we are bringing for you one of the high-end medical acne scar removal treatments that have been tested and approved for its effectiveness.

But before we dive into the treatment for acne scar removal, you need to understand what they are. So, let’s learn about them from a grass-root level.

What is Acne?

Acne is a skin disease that appears in the form of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and nodules, among others. They result from excess coagulation of oil and dead skin cells on your hair follicle. In some cases, the coagulation can be of bacteria and hormones as well along with ingrown hair. Although they primarily affect the skin of your face, they can also be seen on your chest, shoulders, and back. They appear as dry, red patches that cause extreme irritation.

The majority of the cases of acne are seen among teenagers due to hormone fluctuation. However, adults are not completely immune to the issue as well. Acne is so common that it has been estimated that around 85% of people have experienced them at some point in their lives. For pregnancy acne, consult your gynecologist before doing any kind of treatment. If you are in Dubai, you can visit our world-class gynecology clinic in Al Barsha Dubai.

Acne can be devastating for a person’s self-confidence since it leads to low self-esteem, anxiety, and even depression. This is why knowledge about proper scientific acne scar removal treatment is so necessary.

We, at 7DMC, employ a non-invasive and non-surgical way to remove acne scars because we believe that when the option of not going under the knife is available, why put your money, time, and health at risk by opting for surgery? 

Whether it’s the early stages of acne such as blackheads and whiteheads or the final stages of acne, such as nodules and cysts, our scientific and medically-approved treatment, using RF technology comes in handy in every situation. We’ll explain it more in detail. But before that, you need to understand which stage of acne you are suffering from.

Types of Acne

Acne can be categorized into various types depending on the severity of their signs and symptoms. Some of the most prominent forms of acne are as follows:


Blackheads are open plugged pores that are also known as closed comedones. They are identified by dark and black spots that are slightly raised. Their dark colour is the result of trapped dirt in them.


Whiteheads are closed plugged pores that are known as open comedones. They appear as small flesh-coloured or whitish bumps or spots. The area surrounding a whitehead is marked by a red halo. In some cases, the centre of the white head gives rise to hair; while in other cases, the hair is trapped within the blemish.

When whiteheads open up and get exposed to air, they start getting darkened and ultimately turn into blackheads.


Papules are bumps that form under the surface of the skin. These pinkish, raised, and solid bumps have no centre heads and their pores never widen up. They make the surrounding skin swollen and red.

When you don’t apply any acne removal remedies on your whiteheads and blackheads, they can turn into papules, causing extreme irritation.


Also known as pustules, pimples are tender and large bumps that have a prominent circular centre head. The centre is filled with yellow-whitish pus. They are also identified by their pink or red base and are often regarded as the larger and more inflamed version of whiteheads.

Many people use cosmetic products to remove acne scars generating from pimples, however, most of them aren’t safe and are not recommended by medical practitioners.


Coming to the more severe versions of acne, nodules are inflamed, painful, and hard lumps that form deep inside your skin’s surface. Appearance-wise, they can be compared to papules, however, they are much larger and deeper than papules. They also don’t have any visible centre head.

Nodules develop when your cells and tissues get damaged by the clogged pores of your skin. When you have them on your skin, you need to understand that it is time to undergo an acne scar removal treatment.


Cysts are extremely painful, soft, and large lumps that appear deep under the surface of your skin. They are dangerous by nature since they can lead to severe skin complications.

These pus-filled lumps are regarded as the worst version of acne and require immediate acne removal treatment.

Using Dual-Functional RF Technology for Acne Scar Removal Treatment

Being one of the most reputed and trustworthy medical centres in the Middle East, we make sure that our dermatology department is using state-of-the-art scientific tools to address your skin issues. Many of you are apprehensive about going under the knife; therefore, we provide non-invasive treatments to remove acne scars. Not only are they safer than surgical procedures, but they also don’t carry any side-effects with them. 

We use the medically approved dual-functional RF technology that is completely natural and free of chemicals and helps show results after just one session, as seen in the video below.

The electric current generated from RF devices penetrates the deeper layers of your skin to work on the scars from within. This is in stark contrast to other treatments for scar removal which works on a surface level. As you can see, this technology is designed to treat the scars at a root level. So, with RF technology, you will get effectiveness at a whole other level.

Since this technology doesn’t influence the epidermal melanin, it is suitable for all skin types. RF technology can also be used on rhytides, acne vulgaris, and skin laxity.

Final Thoughts

Acne can be scarring, not only physically, but also mentally since they can take a toll on your morale by having damaging effects on your self-confidence. 

Instead of relying on those expensive cosmetic products that are filled with chemicals, we recommend you go to a certified skin clinic, get your skin tested, and opt for a non-invasive acne scar removal treatment. 

The more you delay, the higher the chances of the scars being permanent will be. So, take charge of your skin’s health and take action on an immediate basis.


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