Day 1: Rollers & Creepers (Ages 0-1 year) – 27 January 2020 @11am
Day 2: The Copy Cats (Ages 1-2 years) – 3 February 2020 @11am
Day 3: The Chatterboxes (Ages 2-3 years) – 10 February 2020 @11am

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Join us, as we discuss your child’s developmental milestones, what Early Intervention is, and when it is needed.

7 Dimensions Medical Centre is holding a coffee morning for moms and dads. The morning will include information from both Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy, to give you insight into your child’s development; to help you identify possible delays, and provide you with tools to ensure age-appropriate development for your little ones.

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To participate in Early Intervention Coffee Morning, Call +971 4 2434777 or Fill the form below