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Women’s Health & Wellness Packages

Women's Health & Wellness 7DMC

Women’s Health & Wellness

The awareness of women’s health has risen dramatically in recent years. There is a rise in ailments that are linked to current lifestyle modifications. The need of the hour is to use the simplest preventative technique possible. Prevention entails early detection and treatment that is both timely and effective.

Regular checkups can aid in the detection of potential medical conditions before they become a concern. When you visit a doctor regularly, he/she might spot health problems or diseases early. Timely screening increases your chances to receive the best therapy possible and avoid complications.

You invest in your future by taking care of your health and making necessary adjustments that will last a lifetime. Additionally, devoting more time to yourself allows you to better care for those you love and cherish. When it comes to health, there are some health challenges that are unique to women. Some of the key medical conditions affecting women are:

Gynecological Health

Although irregular cycles and unpleasant monthly cramps are frequent problems for women, they are not something that they should always accept as the norm. Additional signs during menstruation, on the other hand, could signal a medical condition. Symptoms like bleeding between periods and increased urination can be mistaken for other illnesses. Vaginal troubles could be a sign of a more serious condition, such as Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) or cancer of the reproductive system. They can also lead to diseases including infertility or kidney failure if left unattended.

A gynecologist visit is advised for yearly screening and any time you have concerns about symptoms like vaginal pain, unusual cramps, or irregular uterine bleeding. Regular visit also allows the doctor to assist your general well-being in the long run by providing advice on vital health and lifestyle matters.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the irregular proliferation of cells lining the breast glands or ducts. These cells develop at an uncontrollable rate and have the ability to spread throughout the body. It can occur to any woman, at any age. As per the World Health Organization (WHO) research, one in every twelve women is at the possibility of developing cancer at a certain point in their lives. The greatest approach to combat breast cancer is early diagnosis through a health check-up and breast cancer awareness.

Aging, family history, exposure to female hormones, past medical conditions, and lifestyle factors are some of the risk factors. The symptoms include unusual pain, rash or swollen breast, changes in the shape or size of the breast, lumps formation, etc. If you experience any of the symptoms, you must consult our gynecologist immediately. Early detection of breast cancer provides more options for treatment and a better chance of survival.

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the cells of the cervix, which joins the uterus to the vagina. Most cervical cancer is caused by different strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted disease.

The body’s immune system usually inhibits the virus from causing harm when exposed to HPV. Nonetheless, in a small number of people, the virus can live much longer, which leads to the transformation of some cervical cells into cancer cells. By a regular visit to the clinic and undergoing screening tests, you can lower your risk of acquiring cervical cancer.

Eliminating cervical cancer with a Pap smear test at our clinic is far less expensive than treating it once it has developed. Spending just a little money now on a routine exam could save not only a lot of money but also a lot of physical and emotional pain in the future. Visit our clinic and consult our OB-GYN specialist to discuss further.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart conditions are also a matter of worry for women all across the globe. More women are now being diagnosed with cardiac problems as a result of a lack of personal time and a hectic schedule. Few primary risk causes for heart disease are hypertension, smoking, and high LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Several other factors including obesity, diabetes, physical inactivity, poor diet, and alcohol consumption can also put women at risk for heart disease.

A healthy lifestyle, which includes a nutritious meal from an early age, keeping physically active, abandoning habits like smoking, and undergoing a regular female health check-up, can help to address these issues.

Pregnancy Issues

Being pregnant is both an exciting and frightening experience. To protect yourself and your child’s physical and psychological well-being, it’s critical to be surrounded by guidance and support during your pregnancy. If not addressed effectively, pre-existing diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and depression can intensify during pregnancy. Pregnancy can also lower a healthy mother’s RBC (Red Blood Cell) count, resulting in anemia, or even trigger depression.

Antenatal care can discover anomalies and avoidable illnesses in both mother and child before, during, and after childbirth. It is advisable to consult our specialists and obtain antenatal advice to avoid any complications.

Women's Health & Wellness Dubai

Why regular check-up is important for women?

Every woman, regardless of age or overall health, must consult a doctor regularly. Aside from breast checks and gynecological visits, you must see a doctor for checkups and diagnostic tests on a regular basis. Annually, you ought to have blood tests, biometrics such as blood pressure and weight, and other precautionary tests done. These tests can identify potential problems early on.

Many serious diseases can be avoided if detected timely. A medical examination will ensure that anomalies in the body’s systems are detected early, allowing for proper medical treatment. Medical intervention at the right time aids in the better and more effective treatment of diseases.

7DMC Femi Packages

Gynecology is the branch of medicine that deals with the operations and disorders that affect women and girls, particularly those that impact the reproductive system. Obstetrics deals with issues that affect pregnant women from conception to childbirth, including prenatal care, pregnancy treatment, and post-partum support. So we offer two unique packages:

Femi Package

Women face a variety of health issues. They experience unique healthcare challenges than males and are more likely to be infected with certain disorders. It is influenced not only by biological variables, but also by the impacts of work, diet, and stress. One might say that in today’s society, a woman’s health is the most significant factor.

As we all understand, women’s health is related to the health of families and societies. As a result, we have introduced a unique Women’s Health Package called the ‘Femi Package’, which will aid in the early detection of health issues. The total cost of this package is just AED 390.

Ultrasound with Gynecology

A regular visit to an OB-GYN specialist is crucial for every woman. It not only addresses your concerns but also provides the doctor a chance to assist in your overall health and lifestyle habits. We offer a comprehensive package including a follow-up consultation with an OB-GYN specialist, ultrasound screening, and Pap smear test for just AED 600.

How can 7DMC help you?

We offer a variety of specialized women’s medical services in Dubai, serving women of all ages. For a wide spectrum of women’s health concerns, our skilled doctors and nurses provide you with a plethora of information, advice, tips, counseling, and treatment.

We invest in a comprehensive approach to women’s health, and that is why we collaborate with you to address any medical concerns and improve your overall health. We form close bonds with our clients, allowing them to feel at ease with our team as they learn more about the patient and their medical history.

Our renowned Obstetrics & Gynecology unit is well-equipped, allowing our OB-GYN experts to meet each patient’s unique needs in the most practical, efficient, and beneficial way possible. Our extensive range of treatments allows women to receive early treatment, prevent complications, and subsequent problems.


Women and men face many similar health issues, but women experience unique challenges that require specific attention. The lifestyle of women has evolved over time. It is critical for women to take control of their bodies and understand how to optimize their own fitness and health in order to enjoy a better standard of living throughout their lives. Every woman must have access to information about the full range of health issues, not just her reproductive system, but all facets of her body.

Healthy habits are the most effective means to avoid illness, live longer, and be happier. Good health ought to be a goal, but for so many women who have hectic lives and don’t devote the time necessary to maintain their health and well-being, this can be tough. Even if you are in good health, you must consult a doctor on a regular basis to check for any potential medical problems and promote a healthy lifestyle.





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