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Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Spinal Manipulation Therapy 7DMC

Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Spinal manipulation has a rich history of being a successful treatment for a variety of ailments. Based on a blend of modern medical research and old Asian traditional therapies, this treatment technique has been utilized numerous times as part of restorative or preventive therapy programs all across the world.

There are several forms of spinal adjustments practiced worldwide. Some procedures utilize twisting and pressure (spinal manipulation), whereas others are gentler (spinal mobilization). In spinal manipulation, the therapist applies a regulated, abrupt push to a specific joint with their hands. Practitioners of spinal mobilization use less powerful thrusts and additional stretching.

What is Spinal Manipulation?

Spinal Manipulation Therapy also referred to as “spinal manipulation”, is a method in which practitioners exert a regulated push (a pressure of a given magnitude or intensity in a certain direction) to a joint of your spine with their hands or an instrument. The pressure can differ extensively, but it pushes the joint harder than it would by itself.

Patients frequently hear cracking sounds, similar to those made by snapping their knuckles. A fast drop in pressure discharges dispersed gas from joint lubricants. This gas condenses into microscopic bubbles, resulting in a popping sound.

The majority of spinal manipulation is performed by chiropractors, however, other certified practitioners such as physical therapists and osteopathic physicians also use this technique to treat patients. Mostly, this technique is used to cure neck, shoulder, headache, and back pain. Chiropractors also use it to cure other conditions like menstruation discomfort and nasal issues.

Conditions treated by Spinal Manipulation

Spinal Manipulation is intended to alleviate joint pressure, boost nerve function, and reduce inflammation. Various spinal abnormalities that cause nerve or musculoskeletal pain are diagnosed and treated by our licensed practitioners. We conduct a neurological and physical examination of the patient to make the right diagnosis. A number of spine-related issues that can be assessed and treated by spinal manipulation therapy are discussed below:

Cervicogenic headache – Persistent neck pain causes cervicogenic headaches. This form of headache usually causes discomfort at the back of the head, behind the eyes, and/or temples. Migraines and cluster headaches might be confused with cervicogenic headaches.

Back pain – Back sprains and strains affect almost three out of every four adults. Ligaments, the tight strands of tissue that keep bones connected, become overstretched or ripped, resulting in sprains. Strain includes a tendon and/or a muscle. Both conditions can happen if you carry too much weight, participate in a vigorous sport, or simply bend or twist incorrectly during daily chores. The pain you experience may be burning, acute, aching, tingling, or sharp.

Herniated disc – Herniated discs are most commonly found in the neck or lower back. When the external ring or internal tissue of a herniated disc compresses a neighboring nerve root, it can generate pain. A herniated disk can cause discomfort, numbness, or weakness in a leg or arm, based on where it is located.

Sciatica – When the sciatic nerve or a part of the sciatic nerve is squeezed or inflamed, it can cause sciatica. Sciatica is characterized by mild to severe pain that extends below the knee. Sciatica pain is described as acute or piercing by individuals who experience it. Spinal manipulation therapy is quite successful in treating sciatica pain.

Whiplash – An automobile accident can cause whiplash, which is a sort of neck sprain. Neck discomfort and stiffness are common symptoms of whiplash. When you try to move your head, the pain may become even severe. You may feel nauseous or uncomfortable in your gut. In such cases, spinal manipulation therapy may be beneficial. Our chiropractor may also instruct you to exercise and stretch at home, as well as use ice and heat to relieve muscular contractions and inflammation.

Sports injuries – Sports injuries are frequently induced by a traumatic impact to a moving joint, resulting in hyperextension or hyperflexion. These injuries may cause severe pain and disability, preventing you from participating in your favorite sports. Spinal manipulation technique is performed by chiropractors to examine, diagnose, and treat sports injuries.

Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Benefits of Spinal Manipulation

When other treatments for neck, shoulder, back, and even head discomfort are ineffective, spinal manipulation therapy can generally provide a viable alternative. There are numerous advantages of spinal manipulation that may make a visit to our doctor worthwhile.

Pain Relief – The most evident advantage is pain alleviation. Spinal manipulation can reduce part or all of the discomfort you experience in your neck, back, lower back, shoulders, and head almost instantly.

Lower dependency on drugs – This method can help you wean yourself off of painkillers, both over-the-counter and prescription. These pills can hurt your internal organs, affect your thinking, and even drive you to become completely addicted to them. All this may happen as you were in excruciating pain. Spinal manipulation may help you manage your pain, thus decreasing the need for prescribed drugs in the first instance. You may feel good once you quit taking the pain medicines since you will no longer be in agony or in a haze as a result of the drugs.

Prevent surgery – If you’ve exhausted all other alternatives to relieve your pain and the only choice left is surgery, you might want to explore spinal manipulation before going under the knife. In certain circumstances, the therapy may be able to eliminate or diminish your symptoms, avoiding the need for surgery.

Improve flexibility – Spinal manipulation can also aid in increasing flexibility. When used in conjunction with exercise, you can build your core muscles and enhance your shoulder, neck, and back movement. This will improve your flexibility while also making you feel better.

Improves posture – The impact of good posture on your looks is instantaneous. You’ll appear healthier, taller, and more confident. By using spinal manipulation, a chiropractor can assist you in correcting improper posture by determining the source of your issues. You may start standing and sitting upright without constantly reminding yourself if you address the cause of your poor posture.

Is this technique safe?

When executed by a competent and qualified practitioner, spinal manipulation is fairly safe. However, like with any medication, there are dangers and the possibility of side effects.

Temporary muscle pain, tightness, or discomforts are the most typical negative effects of spinal manipulation. Although rare, some serious complications include compressed nerves, herniated disks, stroke, and risk of spinal injury. While these issues are exceptionally uncommon, you must consult our doctors before initiating any new treatment and inform them of any pre-existing diseases.

Individuals with serious osteoporosis, spinal malignancy, a greater risk of stroke, or a weak spine must avoid spinal manipulation. These therapies should also be avoided by those who have twitching, numbness, or loss of strength in a leg or arm.

Why 7DMC?

We provide a wide range of reliable and high-quality chiropractic treatments to our patients. Our team of specialists has the experience and competency to treat all kinds of discomfort whether it is back pain, neck pain, sports injury, disc herniation, frozen shoulder, leg pain, or any other issue.

We carefully consider our patient’s specific needs. Our individualized and tailored treatment strategy begins with a series of assessments and tests. Our chiropractor will create an individualized plan depending on the results, which may involve a blend of chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy, and acupuncture.

Our state-of-the-art facility ensures an encouraging and comfortable atmosphere where patients can experiment with alternative approaches to enhance and manage whatever ailment they are facing.


Spinal manipulation therapy is performed by chiropractors and other licensed practitioners who administer a controlled abrupt force to a joint when the body is positioned in a precise way. Mostly, this technique aims to restore or improve joint function, with the overall goal to lower the pain and treat joint inflammation.

Many therapists may also use adjunctive therapy like ice or heat, or physiotherapy techniques, during the entire course of treatment. You must discuss your problems and expectations with our chiropractor who will examine and identify the best treatment option for you.

Book an appointment with one of our extremely competent physiotherapists right away. We will analyze your issue as well as your overall health to see if spinal manipulation is right for you.







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