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Permanent Dentures: The Pros and Cons


Pros and Cons of Permanent Denture

Dentures or artificial teeth have proved to be a blessing for people who have lost a tooth or two. Not just that, but for people who wish to transform their smiles, these tooth replacements offer the perfect solution.

Removable teeth have been traditionally used in such cases. But, there are a plethora of issues with these replacements. Conventional dentures can be uncomfortable, loosen up, and slip out of their position, making things challenging. Not just that, removable dental attachments need to be taken out during the night and put inside a glass.

On the other hand, permanent or fixed attachments are way more comfortable. These provide a convenient alternative and have become popular in the last few years. Continue reading to understand the pros and cons of fixed dentures.

Issues with the Traditional Removable Dentures

Handling removable dental attachments can be a stressful affair. If these are ill-fitting, you can be subjected to consistent irritation and soreness when you wear them. Sometimes, the dentures slip away from the position and are unstable. This can impact your speech and your chewing ability.

Besides, artificial teeth use adhesives to stick to the jawbone, which means that things can get messy. In addition, some scientific studies indicate that the regular use of removable dental attachments can cause erosion of the jaw bones.

The biggest advantage of these dentures is that they are cost-effective. But the cons weigh heavier than the pros; as a result, permanent dental attachments are gaining prominence these days. The initial costs are higher than the traditional ones, but the pros outweigh the costs in the long run.

What are Permanent Dentures?

These dental implants are screwed into the jaw to replace missing teeth. The best part is that these work just like natural teeth enabling the person to talk, smile, eat, and drink like before without any stress about the attachments slipping out of place.

Permanent dental attachments can be life-transforming, provided there is bone left for the implant. They can help in smile restoration with your pearly white in place, besides helping you chew your food properly and speak correctly.

Pros of Permanent Dentures

1. Help Support the Face

One of the biggest advantages of these dentures and the top reason your dentists will advise you of the permanent attachments is this. These support the face’s structure, features, and contour of the mouth perfectly. Therefore, the overall appearance of the face is enhanced, giving a youthful look.

2. Comfortable

The convenience factor is the second reason permanent implants are preferred over traditional ones. Once the attachments are fixed, they are set and stay in place. These are customized per the patient’s mouth for precision in the fitting. Along with offering a supportive fit, these enable normal functioning of the mouth, for example, while eating and chewing. The biting force achieved is better with these implants.

3. Minimally-invasive Surgery

The good part is that the permanent method does not involve any major surgery. After the initial examination, the dentist takes an oral scan of the mouth. After this, the dental implants are planted, and the permanent dentures are fixed to the implants post-healing. Over a period, the implants join the bones of the jaw. The entire process may take some time and involve several visits to the clinic. However, it is less invasive, and the healing time is faster than other dental procedures.

4. Less Hassle

Finally, one of the reasons patients prefer permanent dentures is that it is pretty hassle-free and hence, stress-free than traditional attachments. No use of messy or sticky adhesive is done. Additionally, you do not have to take them out every night, clean and keep them in a glass of water. So often, this procedure can get embarrassing with guests and other people around. With permanent attachments, the entire process of taking out, cleaning, keeping away for the night, and wearing back again in the morning is eliminated. That’s a big relief for the patient!

Permanent denture

Cons of Permanent Dentures

A seasoned medical professional will also inform you about the side effects and the negatives associated with fixed dental attachments. The following are the main cons of permanent dental attachments.

1. Cost

The initial costs for the entire process and the dentures are quite high, especially when compared with the price of the traditional ones. However, the overall experience is way more enhanced with the former, and many patients do not mind paying more to get more value.

2. Surgical Process

Fixing permanent dentures involves surgery. This is something that traditional dentures do not require. Hence, you can expect typical side effects, like pain, bruising, etc. Though, the healing process in the case of permanent dental attachments is not long drawn for most patients.

3. Risks of Infection

As mentioned above, since these dentures need to be fixed to the jaw bone and they become a part of the natural structure, you can expect certain side effects. The risk of infection is present. That is why it is even more crucial to consult with experienced medical professionals to minimize risks and optimize for achieving the desired results.

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Permanent dentures are a viable solution for tooth loss or missing teeth. All risks associated with the surgery can be minimized to a great extent by following the dental care tips suggested by your doctor. While going for dental attachments, ensure that you assess the pros and cons of each type thoroughly to understand what suits your personal needs and preferences.








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