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What is Invislaign Dental Treatment? Is it the right treatment for me?


Very Effective

Invisalign clear braces can solve most teeth alignment issues, including everything from a few crooked or protruding teeth to more serious problems like malocclusion, overbite or underbite. And now elastics can be added to Invisalign aligners to help solve even more serious dental problems.

Completely Invisible

Because Invisalign aligners are almost invisible inside your mouth, people will really need to look inside your mouth to notice them and because you take them out every time you eat and brush your teeth you won’t have to worry about problems brushing to flossing and you never have to worry about food sticking out of your braces when you smile.

Comfortable To Wear

Invisalign braces however were designed with the wearer’s comfort in mind. They are easily removable when you want to eat or drink something or when you are cleaning and flossing your teeth. They are also gentler on your mouth and gums than metal braces because they exert less pressure on your teeth and gums while still being as effective.

Faster Results

When adults choose Invisalign they can cut the length of time of their treatment to about a year to year and a half. Treatment length for tweens and teens though remains comparable to treatment length for metal braces.

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About Dr. Angel Mansoor

Dr. Angel is a general and aesthetic dentist that strives to provide her patients with quality dental treatments pertaining to both naturally aesthetic and biologically functional needs.

She has earned her undergraduate dental degree at the University of Sharjah and then later pursued a post-graduate aesthetic and restorative dentistry diploma from Université Claude Bernard Lyon I after realizing her keen interest in dental aesthetics.