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Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal treatment in Dubai

Laser hair removal treatment in Dubai

If you are tired of the daily rituals of shaving, or tweezing, or getting hot wax poured on your body, then it is time for you to consider laser hair removal. Laser hair removal in Dubai has become very popular in the past decade. It is also one of the most common hair removal processes that are performed in the UAE. Apart from being medically safe, and it is performed by cosmetic surgeons and/or specialists. The process of laser hair removal involves exposing the hair follicles to highly concentrated light beams. The pigment in the hair follicles then absorbs the light which stops the hair growth.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Laser hair treatment is one of the safest and easiest permanent hair removal methods for any body part like the face, legs, arm, chin, bikini line, underarm, etc. The benefits of laser hair removal therapy are as follows:

Accuracy: With the help of laser treatment, you can get hair removed from selected areas without damaging the skin around it.

Speed: Light travels at a tremendous speed and laser hair removal uses light beams to burn the hair follicle making the process quick and efficient. An upper lip treatment only takes about a minute, depending on the hair growth, while larger sections of the body like the arms or the back could take up to an hour.

Permanency: In comparison to other methods of hair removal, laser hair removal promises a permanent loss of hair in three to seven sessions.

How should I prep for a laser hair removal treatment?

Before setting up an appointment, it is important to know some of the essential details of the process. There is more to laser hair removal than just ‘zapping’ of the unwanted hair follicles. It involves a medical process that should only be performed by a certified technician or a doctor. Thus, it is important to check the credentials of the doctor before you get the treatment done.

For those who choose to undergo the process, it is absolutely important to refrain from certain activities such as plucking, waxing, or electrolysis of the hair for at least six weeks prior to the treatment. This is crucial since laser hair removal targets the roots of the hair, but waxing or plucking will cause temporary removal of the hair follicles.

It is also advisable to keep away from any exposure to the sun for a month and a half both before and after the treatment. Exposing yourself to the sunlight will only reduce the effect of the treatment and create complications.

Just before the treatment, the hair on your skin will be trimmed down to a few millimeters. Topical numbing medicines are also used on the targeted area to reduce the sting of the laser pulses. The doctor or technician will also adjust the laser equipment as per your skin’s colour and thickness.

What to expect from a laser hair removal session?

Your doctor or technician will ask you to put on eye protection based on the kind of laser that will be used for the session. The outer layer of your skin will also be protected with the help of a cooling gel or a cooling device. This step is also essential to let the light penetrate through your skin.

Once the session is over, you will be given ice packs to cool down the treated area along with anti-inflammatory creams or lotion to soothe any discomfort. The next session will be scheduled from anywhere around four to six weeks, and are to be continued till the hair in the targeted area stops growing altogether.

After a day or two, the area might feel and look like it has sunburned. In such cases, a cool compress and moisturizers can be of help. Makeup can be helpful if you get a laser done on your face. However, if your face starts blistering, avoid using any kind of makeup on it.

Over the period of a month, you will notice the hair of the particular area falling out. During this time, it is mandatory to wear sunscreen in order to prevent getting sunburned. Formation of blisters is rare unless you have a darker skin complexion. Swelling, redness, and scarring are some other side effects while permanent scarring and changes in the colour of the skin are very rare.

Is laser removal treatment expensive?

In short, yes, getting laser treatment for hair removal is expensive compared to other hair removal processes. Our medical centre in Dubai tries to make it affordable for everybody, so our laser hair removal price is extremely affordable. You can also check our Laser Hair Removal Offers. Get in touch with us to know more about it.

Below are a few factors on which the entire cost of the treatment depends on:

  • The size of the targeted area, which also determines the time required to complete the treatment
  • Number of sessions required
  • The person who is performing the procedure
  • The location from where you are getting the treatment done

Nevertheless, it is always advisable to look for well-rated and certified clinics in order to avoid any unexpected outcome.

How painful is laser treatment?

Since the laser hair removal is meant to burn the targeted hair follicles with small high-heat laser beams, you might feel like a rubber band has snapped against your skin.

Once the process is over, you can expect to feel slight discomfort like redness and irritation, very similar to a mild sunburn.

The degree of pain experienced also depends on the area of the body where the procedure is performed. A sensitive area might produce a greater amount of discomfort and pain. However, the numbing creams help to a large extent to protect you from the pain. If your pain tolerance is high, you might not need any numbing agent in the first place.





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