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Consulting a Chiropractor for Your Back Pain

Chiropractic treatment for back pain

Chiropractic treatment for back pain

Whether it’s the long hours at work sitting in front of a computer or the endless household chores, back pain can generate due to a variety of factors. The 21st century that we live in heavily relies on technology; and along with the merits, it brings in a lot of demerits as well. We spend a lot of time indoors without any physical activity, or even if we are doing physical activities, then we don’t do it properly. As a result, lower back pain, upper back pain, mid back pain, etc. have become a daily affair. But is it wise to keep on ignoring these pains? Clearly, your body is giving you hints and if you don’t pay attention to it, you are putting yourself in a position where you might have to pay a bigger price afterward. Thankfully, the chiropractic treatment for back pain can help you avoid going to that position.

What is Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic treatment is a form of alternative medicine that is concerned with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, with special emphasis on the spine. 

A chiropractor ensures that the alignment of your musculoskeletal system is properly maintained because when they are not, you experience the pain of all different kinds. It is believed that proper alignment of the musculoskeletal will heal the body in itself. Thus, it doesn’t rely on any surgical procedure or medication. It can provide relief to any pain in your joints, muscles, bones, and connective tissues, such as ligaments, cartilage, and tendons. 

This treatment involves a series of manual adjustments wherein the chiropractor manipulates the joints by using sudden yet controlled force to facilitate the flow of motion and range in the affected area.

Process of Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

First of all, the chiropractor has verbal communication with you regarding your medical history and performs the required physical examinations, orthopedic, and neurological examinations. Based on the findings it might require a further investigation either in lab testing or/and diagnostic imaging to determine the cause of pain. After that, a treatment plan is made accordingly. 

Your treatment might include certain forms of exercise or adopt a nutritional diet after taking consultations from a nutritionist. 

Take a look at a chiropractic session below with 7DMC’s very own residential expert and US Board Certified Chiropractic Physician.

Our chiropractor specializes in treating musculoskeletal conditions that include chronic pain in your neck, shoulder, back, ankle, elbow, knee, or spinal cord. Over the years, she has worked with patients suffering from sports injuries as well apart from working on the rehabilitation of many athletes.

The Role of a Chiropractor

To understand how this therapy works, take a closer look into the duties and responsibilities of a chiropractor, which involves the following:

  • Listening to your immediate medical concern.
  • Understanding your overall medical condition (both past and present).
  • Analyzing your spine, reflexes, and postures.
  • Looking for any other health problems.
  • Applying neuromusculoskeletal therapy, in which chiropractors adjust your spinal column and other joints by their own hands.
  • Applying heat or cold effects on the affected area, if required.
  • Advising on which positive healthy habit you need to imbibe in your life such as any change of diet or sleeping pattern or inclusion of any exercises.

When Should You Visit a Chiropractor?

It has been estimated that 85% of people experience some form of back pain at least once in their lifetime which is serious enough to see a doctor. It can be in the form of upper, lower, or backbone pain. The pain can result from a lack of physical activity, poor posture, sitting for too long continuously, sleeping inappropriately, or improper lifting of weights, among others. 

Of course, with the advent of the internet, most of us believe that we can start treatment at home. We start stretching, getting pain relievers, use ice packs, or expose heat to the affected area without proper diagnosis. Trust us, if only you had any idea of how dangerous it is, you wouldn’t do so! Therefore, it is important to know the signs that demand you to go see a chiropractor. Let us help you listen to your body better.

You need to see a chiropractor if:

  • Your spinal pain refuses to go away even after taking proper rest for a week.
  • The spinal pain in your lower back creates numbness or generates a tingling feeling in your legs.
  • The pain worsens in a specified position such as when you are lying down or sitting in a certain way.
  • You are suffering from fever from the severe pain.
  • The pain is the direct result of an accident or injury. Remember, an accident doesn’t necessarily always have to be a major one such as a car crash. It can be something even minor such as falling after slipping on your bathroom tiles or falling from your bed while sleeping.
  • The pain is accompanied by you losing a lot of weight suddenly without making any additional effort.
  • You are experiencing trouble in urination and bowel movements alongside lower or upper back pain.
  • The back pain is causing headaches.
  • You find that your body has gone stiffer than usual and has lost its flexibility and range of motion of late.
  • Pregnant ladies can also visit a chiropractor during pregnancy.

Visiting Us

Ignoring back pain is never a good idea. Even if you think you can tolerate the pain, you shouldn’t, because sometimes we tend to overestimate the abilities of our bodies. The pain might be tolerable now, but in the future, it may lead to chronic muscle spasm or even joint degeneration. So, fix the situation while it is still in its early stages so that you don’t have to experience the troubles of the later stages.

Being one of the most trusted medical centres in Dubai, we, at 7DMC, provide you with care in every sphere of your health, including any issue of back pain. Come visit our chiropractic clinic, talk to our chiropractor regarding your pain, and let them provide you with the treatment that your body needs.


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