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Dental Implant

Dental implant treatment Dubai

Dental Implant in Dubai

Despite advances in dental treatment, lots of people suffer from tooth loss. This can happen due to various reasons like trauma, decay, bone or gum disease, etc. For several years, bridges and dentures have been the only treatment solutions available to people with missing teeth. But with the advancement in technology, we also have the option of dental implants today!

What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are the recent developments in the world of prosthetics and are the ideal substitute for a missing tooth. The implant is a screw-like surgical structure inserted in the jawbone to replace the missing tooth. The crown is mounted on this screw to make it appear like the crown of the natural tooth and functions naturally.

In simple terms, an implant is an artificial tooth that appears like a screw and is surgically inserted into the jawbone. Over a period of time, the dental implant gets fused to the jawbone and functions like a natural tooth. This is the closest solution to imitate the original tooth since it stands on its own without damaging surrounding teeth.

Mostly, titanium is used to make dental implants, which helps them to blend into the bone without being identified as an external item in your body. Three components of implants are the screw, abutment or connector, and the crown.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Today, dental implants are the first choice to replace missing teeth due to their numerous benefits such as:

  • The best solution to replace the missing tooth/teeth
  • Provides stability and support to your denture
  • Feels natural and comfortable
  • Prevents gum erosion and bone loss
  • Can be brushed and flossed normally
  • Eliminates the pain and uneasiness of removable dentures
  • No restrictions on any kind of food
  • Maintains facial aesthetics
  • Secure, durable, and permanent

How does Dental Implant work?

Your dental surgeon will examine the area in your mouth where the dental implant procedure has to be performed. Before starting the treatment, your doctor will give you a local anesthetic to numb the operating area.

The dental implant, mostly made of titanium, is inserted into the jawbone after the extraction of the existing damaged tooth from the respective area. Special medical drills and equipment are used in the procedure. Once the healing cap is positioned over the implant and the gum is sewed up, the healing process begins. During this healing process, a temporary sealant may be used to replace missing teeth for aesthetic purposes.

Recovery time depends very much on the quality of the existing bone. It usually takes somewhere between two to six months. During this time, the implant is fused with the bone. It is necessary to avoid putting any force or tension on the implant during the healing phase.

Once it is healed, a connector is placed on the implant with the help of a screw. This connector is also called as ‘abutment’. The implant crown is either fixed with a screw or cemented on the connector or abutment. An implant doesn’t disturb the surrounding teeth and functions like a natural one.

What is Same Day Dental Implants?

Also referred to as single day or one-day implants, same day implant procedure replaces your missing tooth on the same day of the procedure. This groundbreaking technique allows patients to enjoy a fresh tooth once the tooth extraction is completed.

On the day of the implant, dental implants are mounted into your jawbone, efficiently leveraging the current bone structure. This removes the need for intricate bone grafts. Post this, the dental bridge is attached to the implants and instantly allows you to use it right after the procedure.

What are the parameters to be considered for the Same Day Dental Implants?

The first step of the same day implant is to determine your suitability for the treatment. Certain conditions and parameters need to be fulfilled to proceed with same day implants. Some of the significant parameters are listed below:

  • Shape, health, and form of gums
  • Bone density and condition
  • Risk and presence of infection
  • Position of the missing tooth/teeth
  • Ability to recover

What are the ideal conditions for the Same Day Dental Implants?

In the case of the following conditions, the same day dental implant is a perfect solution:

  • The discomfort of loose dentures
  • Having unsightly rotten teeth
  • Discomfort due to multiple loose teeth
  • Lost all teeth

Advantages of Same Day Dental Implants

This treatment has a high degree of patient satisfaction since they undergo implant surgery and can use new teeth on the same day. Other advantages of same day dental implants are:

  • Uses minimally-invasive procedure, hence removes the need for complex bone grafting
  • Shorter recovery period due to the minimal incision
  • Instant improvement of your smile after the procedure
  • Long-lasting and permanent solution
  • Instantly fills the gaps and spaces by teeth replacement

Precautions to be taken after Dental Implant

Whether the dental implant was performed at one or more stages, you may encounter some of the usual discomforts common with any form of dental surgery. Some of the signs are:

  • Swelling of gums or face
  • Pain and discomfort at the implant area
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Bruising of gums or skin

After the procedure, you may need antibiotics or pain relievers. If the swelling, pain, or some other condition worsens in the days following surgery, get in touch with your dental surgeon.

After every stage of the surgery, consume soft foods, and avoid putting any pressure on the respective area while it heals.

How much Dental Implants cost in Dubai?

A dental implant is an affordable choice for restoring missing teeth. When compared with the cost of dentures, an implant may seem expensive, but comparing the advantages and benefits of implants with those of dentures, the implants are worth its cost.

The cost of dental implant treatment may vary from place to place. It also depends on the technique involved, type of implant, surgical costs, the material used, brand, and bone grafts that may be required in certain cases.

Why choose 7DMC for Dental Implants?

At 7DMC, we use the most advanced techniques to attain superior quality results. All factors are considered beforehand and solutions are customized as per the needs of our patients.

Our team has wide experience in dental implant procedures with high success rates. With the help of our licensed and expert doctors and technicians, we aim to deliver accurate results. Contact our clinic for further information.

Summing up

The dental implant is a substitute for the root of the missing tooth. This treatment may be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all teeth. The aim of an implant is to restore natural function as well as aesthetics.

Technology and science have progressed over time to significantly improve the results of dental implant procedures, thus enabling high success rates. Most dental implants are made of titanium, hence it is completely safe to place it inside the body. Treat your dental implants like your natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing will ensure long-lasting results.








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