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Is liposuction the best fat removal method?

Is liposuction the best fat removal method?

Liposuction or lipoplasty is a surgical process where a suction procedure is used in the removal of stubborn fat from specific body parts. It could be at places like the hip, thigh, belly, buttock, arm, back, and neck. The purpose is fat removal, shaping, or contouring the areas. Therefore, the procedure is also called body contouring.

People often mistake liposuction as a weight-loss alternative. So, if you are overweight, you need to work holistically to reduce weight through exercise and diet.

Lipoplasty is done by a plastic or dermatologic surgeon. The process can be combined with other procedures like breast reduction or a facelift.

Is Liposuction One of the Most Effective Ways to Remove Fat?

Reasons why liposuction is a recommended fat removal method are –

The Results Are Permanent

It is one of the best ways of fat removal because the fat cells removed through liposuction never grow back. There are different plastic surgery techniques used by plastic surgeons. But all the methods have a common goal- eliminating fat cells from a localized area. It is done with the help of a cannula and an aspirator.

It is, therefore, often referred to as a permanent way of shaping the body. As long as the person does not gain weight, the resulting shape is permanent.

It is because the procedure minimizes the fat cells in a particular area. The skin in the area molds to the new shape, and if the skin is naturally elastic, the skin looks smooth.

Even as the body ages, the overall shape will still be retained as long as there is no weight gain.

As mentioned earlier, liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure – it is more of a cosmetic procedure that helps improve the aesthetic appearance.

Only if the patient gains weight a significant amount that too new fat cells will develop. In the case of minimal weight gain, the existing cells grow bigger as they accumulate more fat.

Almost Immediate Results

Another reason why liposuction is a popular and preferred method of fat removal is that one can see the results almost immediately. 90% of patients start to witness the changes within 1 to 3 months of the surgery.

Of course, there’s post-operative swelling for most patients. The surgical technique and post-operative care, to a great extent, determine the subsidence of the swelling. For example, the UAL method has a longer post-operative swelling. In the stitched linear incisions, the swelling subsides within 8 – 12 weeks. In the case of open adits, the process takes about 4 weeks.

Helps Treat Certain Conditions

Though liposuction is mostly a cosmetic procedure, it is also used in treating certain medical conditions like –

  • Overgrown breasts in men like Gynecomastia.
  • Obese people can look at losing some percentage of their Body Mass Index.
  • Benign and fatty tumors called Lipomas.
  • Natural body fat distribution that’s called Lipodystrophy syndrome.
  • Edema of lymph around the legs and arms, called Lymphedema.

However, it is important to mention here that liposuction is primarily used to enhance one’s appearance. It is never really used for physical health because a lot of the outcomes can be achieved by maintaining a healthy lifestyle – eating the right diet, engaging in regular exercises, and having healthy sleep schedules.

This surgical process should be considered only after discussing the pros and cons of liposuction with the doctor.

Liposuction for Certain Parts

It is Effective for Certain Parts

The liposuction procedure is a great option for toning down the fat in areas like the abdomen, buttocks, back, chest, hips, love handles, neckline, inner knees, and areas under the chin, thighs, and upper arms.

The only criterion for liposuction to work fabulously is that you have elastic skin with a good tone. Of course, the procedure is advised only for patients who are 18+ years and should be in the pink of their health. People with certain medical problems like diabetes, coronary artery disease, and a weak immune system are usually not recommended for the procedure.

Your doctor will also advise you to avoid alcohol and suggest certain dietary restrictions. You also need to discuss any allergies you have. Also, tell them about the medications you are on, including supplements, over-the-counter pills, etc. Things like painkillers and blood thinners will be stopped a few weeks before the procedure.

Knowing Liposuction

When you wish to remove stubborn body fat from parts that do not seem to go away with hardcore exercising and dieting, liposuction is an advisable procedure. Undesirable and unwanted fatty tissues are removed using suction, where a thin cannula is inserted into the tissues. Small incisions are made for the cannula to enter the tissues. The incisions heal with care and do not usually leave a scar.


  1. Tumescent Liposuction: In this procedure, just below the skin, local anesthesia, saline solution, and a vessel constrictor are pumped before the fat is sucked out using suction tubes.
  2. UAL: In ultrasound-assisted liposuction, an ultrasound energizes the cannula so that the adipose cell walls are broken down, and the fat is liquified. A suction is used afterward to remove the fat.
  3. LAL: The laser-assisted lipolysis involves the use of a thin fiber to emit laser energy that works on the fat deposits. The fat tissues are liquified and then sucked out. This is a minimally-invasive procedure, and patients usually heal faster in this case.
  4. PAS: Power-assisted liposuction involves the use of a specialized cannula that has a mechanized system enabling the faster sucking out of fat.


Since liposuction is a surgical process, there are risks involved. Therefore, only a certified plastic or cosmetic surgeon should carry out the procedure to reduce risks.

The generic risks are –

  • Anesthesia-related complications
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Burns
  • Numbness
  • Deep vein blood clots
  • Shock that results from lower fluid levels during the surgical process
  • Fluid accumulation under the skin, and
  • Damaged blood vessels, nerves, or organs


Liposuction is one of the best approaches for body shaping, especially for patients struggling to get their shape back with diet and exercise. The procedure can be done on virtually any part of the body. It is just one session of treatment, and the results start to show once the swelling subsides. Sometimes, you might need multiple sessions to achieve the health goal.

Why 7DMC?

7DMC is an established name in Dubai as a multi-specialty medical centre. The Plastic Surgery Department has an experienced team of Board-certified plastic surgeons with a modern and technologically-advanced infrastructure, offering minimally invasive procedures like liposuction to enhance the aesthetics and self-confidence of patients. With the best care, optimal results are achieved in surgical and non-surgical procedures.








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