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Why Dental Cleanings are Essential?

Dental cleaning process

Dental Cleanings

Your dentist will advise you that you need regular professional dental cleanings. Dental cleanings are not just to make your smile look white and bright but also necessary because they can affect your general health. After all, the ritual is closely connected to oral hygiene, which in turn, is associated with several severe medical conditions.

Home care is crucial when it comes to dental health. This includes regular brushing and flossing at home. But dental cleaning is more than simply brushing your teeth. To ensure that your teeth are healthy, you must visit your dentist once a year at least, and if possible, bi-annually for a professional touch-up.

Why are Dental Cleanings Essential?

To Deal With Cavities

Cavities damage the teeth’s hard surface, and that, too, permanently. Cavities or caries are caused due to numerous factors, including intake of sugary drinks, unhealthy snacking, and more. These lead to holes and tiny openings in the mouth.

Regular consumption of unhealthy foods can result in tooth decay and plaque, a white acidic build-up that is caused due to bacterial growth encouraged by snacking and sipping on unhealthy ingredients. These dental conditions can happen at any age, including infants.

The alarming fact is that if cavities and dental issues are left untreated, things can get serious, with the infection going deeper, even to the extent of tooth loss. While this is an extreme case, cavities are also associated with a tooth abscess, pain, pus formation, broken teeth, and over a period, start to interfere with your daily living; for example, chewing food can become a major issue. It could lead to weight loss issues. With tooth loss, your self-esteem may take a backseat. And, at times, an abscess can become life-threatening too.

When you visit an expert, your white sets go through thorough scrutiny. As a result of the oral examination, every effort is made to prevent decay or any other unhealthy infections. If any untoward issue is detected, immediate steps are taken to counter the same. Professional teeth cleaning and periodic fluoride treatments are the ideal options to steer clear of any such dental issues.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can happen for various reasons. One of the major causes is when you neglect a gum disease or tartar/plaque build-up. In such cases, the tooth starts to loosen up due to bacterial growth. In such a condition, visiting your dentist can help in the effective treatment of the infection. This is done through a deep cleaning process of your dental set. When the gums heal after the cleaning, the tissues tighten around the tooth, and thus, the potential situation of losing a tooth is prevented.

Prevent Gum Diseases

Plaque and tartar play spoilsport when it comes to your oral health. These conditions impact the gum line, and very soon, there’s inflammation and diseased gums. None of this is pleasant because, eventually, it may cause tooth and bone loss. A regular dental cleaning procedure ensures that your gums are disease-free all through!

Prevent Bad Breath & Stained Teeth

Bacterial infection in the oral ecosystem is not just about how your pearly whites look but also how they smell. Plaques, tartar, and stains are the root cause of bad breath. You can chew several mints, but these will not help remove the root cause. During the dental cleaning procedure, the dentist uses special medical devices to remove stains. After the initial examination, plaque and tartar are removed, and the teeth are polished and flossed professionally. The experts also recommend the best oral hygiene practices for your condition. With fresh breath, you can always be confident about your oral health!

Pearly Smile

Maintain Your Pearly Smile

This is also a cosmetic procedure that ensures your teeth remain naturally white instead of having yellowish and brownish stains. Stained teeth can be embarrassing and do affect your self-confidence. As mentioned previously, the dental team uses specialized tools to treat your discolored teeth, and consequently, your smile looks naturally brighter and smarter.

Prevent Serious Medical Conditions

Often during a dental cleaning procedure, dentists detect various abnormalities or conditions which could indicate serious diseases like oral cancer. Visiting the doctor regularly ensures that the symptoms are detected early.

Not just oral cancer, unhealthy oral conditions have been linked to various health conditions like stroke, complications around diabetes, heart attack, and high blood pressure. The mouth is where digestion begins, which means that even bacteria and deadly germs in the oral system are likely to enter the circulatory system. It can be dangerous for your overall health. Regular dental cleanings help the dentist detect such signs and symptoms early, which means that you can start getting treated immediately to avoid complications later.

Another area of concern is for expectant mothers. Due to hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, they are at higher risk of oral infections and diseases in would-be moms. The germs can affect the fetus through the mother’s bloodstream, which may lead to pre-natal complications.

The best way to avoid all these complications is to visit your dentist at least once a year.


Dental cleaning is of two types – routine and deep. The former process involves the removal of soft and hard deposits in the mouth. The latter is a more lengthy process and involves extensive work based on how severe your oral condition is. Either way, when it comes to dental health, the best recourse is to consult with a practiced dentist and follow their recommendations thoroughly.

Why 7DMC?

Our Department of Dentistry is renowned for its bespoke treatments by expert orthodontists. Our emphasis is to provide long-term preventive healthcare and facilitate optimal oral health. As a result, you can always wear your smile with confidence and be rest assured about dental hygiene.






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