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Solving skin problems in the best way possible.


Get Expert Care
for your Skin

Get expert care for your skin with our qualified doctors and board-certified dermatologists in Dubai. Our dermatologists can help you face the world with confidence. Our dermatology clinic in Dubai offers a broad range of cosmetic dermatology services that covers all treatment of acute and chronic skin condition. We aim to provide a caring and holistic approach in addressing your skin concerns. You can be rest assured that you receive premium care from nationally recognized doctors who have achieved exceptional results for all their clients.

Wealth of Experience

Our dermatologists have experience in assessment, treatment & management. Dedicated Aesthetic, Skincare and Laser Clinics

Cutting Edge Treatments

Whether you're battling with acne, need a remedy for rosacea or want to even out your pigmentation, our clinic has the answer.

Speciality Treatment

All treatments provided by 7DMC Dermatology Clinic adhere to strict medical protocols that are led by the most up-to-date guidance in Dermatology.

Why 7DMC Dermatology

We provide you access to the best treatment options for restoring healthy and glowing skin.

We ensure you get the latest medical solutions such as laser and light therapies, body contouring, soft tissue fillers, skin and hair rejuvenation. We try to heal your skin from deep inside, and the treatment solutions are not limited to topical levels.

With us, you get not only state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to address your varying dermatological problems but a welcoming and supportive environment. Whether it’s the irregular mole that is troubling you or the stubborn acne, we can help you. Below are some of the most common dermatological issues we deal with:

Our Dermatologists can help with the following skin conditions:


Bespoke Treatments


Clinics for Skin

General Dermatology Treatments

  • Acne, Pigmentation & Eczema treatment
  • Hair and Nail treatment
  • Warts and Mole Removal
  • Skin Cancer Screening
  • Cryotherapy for Skin Lesions
  • Allergy Testing
  • PRP for Face and Hair
  • Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments
  • Fractional laser for Acne Scars, Skin Tightening and uneven Pigmentation

Let the Journey Begin

Our Treatments

Cosmetic Dermatology

Cosmetic dermatology is defined as a specialty that combines treating skin problems and improving its appearance without resorting to surgery. Looking for the cosmetic dermatology Clinic in Dubai? Get in touch with our expert Cosmetic Dermatologist in the UAE.

PRP - Face Treatment

PRP is performed first in order to repair the skin cells which have been damaged due to ageing, sun exposure and other factors. PRP improves overall skin texture, decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

PRP - Hair Treatment

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss is a three-step medical treatment in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp to create new hair follicles. PRP injections trigger natural hair growth and maintain it by increasing blood supply to the hair follicle and increasing the thickness of the hair shaft.

Skin Tag Removal

At our dermatology clinic in Dubai, we offer various options for skin tag removal, that are safe and effective. They can also be surgically removed, sometimes using local anaesthetics.

Acne Treatment

Learn how dermatologists can help you treat acne, pimples, whiteheads, zits, and blackheads. Acne can also be treated with procedures such as laser treatment, light therapy, chemical peels or acne removal procedure. Call us today for more details.

Alopecia Treatment

Alopecia areata can’t be cured. But it can be treated and hair can grow back. If you have it, there are several things to try, please contact our dermatologist for more details.

Contact Allergies (Patch Testing)

What is patch testing? Allergic contact dermatitis occurs when your skin comes into contact with a substance that causes you to have a reaction. Patch testing can be done to identify specific allergens. Patch testing should be carried out in all cases in which a contact allergen can be suspected as a cause, particularly in hand eczema (occupational contacts !)

Eczema Treatment

There is no cure for eczema, but there is a wide range of eczema treatment plans based on age, symptoms, & current health state. Eczema treatment is designed to heal the rash and stop further symptoms. While eczema goes away for some, others must treat it as a lifelong condition. Contact our dermatologist for a tailor-made treatment plan.

Nail Diseases

Our dermatologist will examine your nails and take some nail clippings or scrape debris from under your nail. These samples are sent to a lab to identify the cause of your symptoms.

Other conditions, such as psoriasis, can mimic a fungal infection of the nail. Microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria also can infect nails. Knowing the cause of your infection helps determine the best treatment. Please contact 7DMC dermatology clinic


It is a minimally invasive treatment that uses extreme cold to freeze and destroy diseased tissue, including cancer cells. Cryotherapy in Dubai is an innovative treatment that helps get rid of skin irregularities and rule out the possibility of cancer. Book an appointment today with our dermatologist.

Removing Aging Spots

Age spots are harmless. However, some people may wish to remove them for cosmetic reasons. At 7DMC dermatology clinic we offer several treatments to get rid of age spots.

Removal of Moles & Tags

Trying to remove a mole or skin tag at home could cause a deep-seated infection. You could cause unstoppable blood loss. Let our dermatologist evaluate and p[rovide you with an effective ways to remove moles.

Removal of Skin Hyperpigmentation

What are the best treatments for hyperpigmentation? Skin lightening creams, Retinoids, Laser peel, Chemical peel, Skin acids, Microdermabrasion, IPL. There are many different treatment, but the first step is to get an expert view of a dermatologist. Please book an appointment with our dermatology clinic.

Removal of Keratosis

Seborrheic keratosis removal can be achieved with one or a combination of the following methods:
Freezing the growth.
Scraping (curettage) or shaving the skin’s surface.
Burning with an electric current (electrocautery).

Let our dermatologist evaluate your condition and offer the right treatment.

Rosacea Treatment

While the cause of rosacea is unknown and there is no cure, knowledge of its signs and symptoms has advanced to where they can be effectively controlled. Making some lifestyle changes and treating rosacea can prevent flare-ups. It can also prevent the rosacea from worsening. Please visit our dermatology clinic and consult our expert dermatologist.

Management of Skin Allergies

Skin conditions are one of the most common forms of allergy treated and managed by an allergist / immunologist, and a physician. Allergic skin disorders include urticaria, angioedema, contact dermatitis and atopic dermatitis, consult our dermatologist for assessment to know the symptoms relating to types of allergies.

Blistering Diseases Treatment

The places on your body where blisters form depends on which disorder you have. Some autoimmune blistering disorders cause blisters to grow on the skin. Other types cause them to form in the mucous membranes that line the mouth, nose, throat, eyes, and genitals. Consult our dermatology clinic for a proper treatment.

AQ Growth Hormone

Growth hormone plays an important role in the development of organs, bones, and tissues, at 7DMC dermatology clinic we offer a safe, effective way to treat growth hormone deficiency.

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Kimberly Garcia Chief Technology Officer, Google

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