GYNE Women's Wellness Package

Assessing high-risk conditions & common chronic ailments

Package Includes


Get one to one consultation with one of our leading Gynecologist


Complete body assessment using the latest ultrasound scan

Vagina Culture test

Endocervical culture test to identify infection in genital tract

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AED 390 Per Session


AED 600 Per Session


AED 999 Per Session

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Why Femi Package

Gynaecology deals with the functions and diseases specific to women and girls, especially those affecting the reproductive system. Obstetrics takes care of the issues related to pregnant females, from the time of conception till childbirth, providing prenatal care, management of pregnancy, and post-partum care.

Diseases and Health Challenge are common to Women. Women experience unique health care challenges and are more likely to be diagnosed with certain diseases than men.

It is not determined solely by biological factors but also by effects of workload, nutrition, and stress. Some may argue that a woman’s health is most important in today’s society. As we know, the health of families and communities are linked with the health of women.

Hence, we at 7 Dimensions Medical Centre is offering a unique Women’s Health Package “Femi Package” which will help detect health issues at the early stage.

About the 7DMC

7 Dimensions Medical Centre was born out of a need to provide you with stellar out-patient services and treatment plans in Dubai and the UAE. An advanced multi-specialty institution, we take pride in delivering innovative therapeutic approaches with Utmost Care so that you can make the right health decisions with confidence. With 18 clinics in operation, 7 Dimensions Medical Centre is marked by excellence as we specialise in top-notch medical services




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